Is This the Doomsday Crop Circle?

Mysterious?  Absolutely.  Interesting?  Yes.  Sinister?  That’s a word rarely used to describe crop circles.  But throughout several dozen crop circle formations I’ve scrutinized, few are quite so disturbing on the surface as T367 found in Germany.  And though there are many theories about the mystery formation, one simple fact immediately apparent to anyone who studies it cannot be denied.

If we were to take the innermost circle and label that the sun, then the rings surrounding it may well be interpreted as the orbits of the planets.  In fact, this is the conclusion many researchers have come to.  As we get close to the sun the innermost ring would be Mercury, then Vanus, but as we search the next ring out it would seem there is no planet for Earth.  Earth is simply missing though its orbital ring does exist.  And after that we see Mars.  Around the formation there are several (67 to be exact) smaller circles arranged in a ring surrounding the rest of the formation.  The rest of the planets, further out are strangely missing although this could be simply because the circle only requires the presence of the inner planets to illustrate how Earth is strangely missing in the astronomical scenario outlined by the mysterious diagram.

Could this be the sign of a coming invasion?  Or could it suggest some sort of impact with another astronomical body that would render the Earth completely destroyed?  It’s hard to tell as the cryptic nature of crop circles is the only thing that is more predictable than their prevalence throughout European landscapes.  But if it does foretell a coming doomsday, why not be more explicit with its instructions?

Perhaps the crop circles are not intended for everyday individuals, but only meant as messages to those who can solve their mysteries.  And perhaps those who solve the enigma of the crop circles will be spared the cosmic death from above.  Of course nothing could be more speculative than any predictions based on symbols that mysteriously spring up overnight.  But some have dedicated their lives to unlocking the true meaning of these mystery formations springing up from the land.

Meanwhile others say these strange formations are nothing more than the work of elaborate cadres of mathematicians dedicating time and labor to perpetuating an enigmatic mystery throughout the world.  Others have suggested an ancient occult order who use the symbols as a means of communicating in vast numbers over a wide array of followers who never reveal their true meaning to an unsuspecting public.

But whether T367 says the end of the world is near or it was simply a hoax mistakenly made without the third planet will likely never be known.  Of course if they are hoaxes, they are nowhere near as simply created as is suggested by some skeptics.  Though a board and ropes can crush down crops, they cannot elevate their level of radiation, make the cell structure morph unnaturally, or cause the plant matter to become magnetic.  All symptoms are often present in what are commonly deemed genuine crop circles.