Is This the Military UFO Spotted in Cowley, Kansas?

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Witnesses living in Cowley Kansas are not exactly used to anything quite so extraordinary as this being hauled through their town as they head into work or home or about their daily lives.  In fact, it would be difficult to determine just when the last time something this strange happened.  But as they noticed construction crews pulling up signs and then replacing them afterward, they looked out and saw a massive unexplained craft resting on a truck bed covered in what appeared to be a thin tarp.  The incident passed uneventfully, but attracted many questions.  What was this mysterious craft?  Why did it look exactly like a traditional flying saucer?

Usually when witnesses spot what they suspect might be an extraterrestrial craft, it’s in the sky and not being hauled down the street of their town.  But when residents of Cowley looked out, they spotted the unmistakable shape of something incredibly strange on a flatbed being pulled by a large truck.  The vehicle pulling the mysterious cargo started carrying the weight through town when police were contacted by the mysterious company doing the moving suggesting it might need help navigating around some of the objects in town – objects that would need to be removed.

And of course the incident didn’t end there after stop signs were removed to allow the massive truck to navigate the corners through Cowley.  The object, covered in a tarp was photographed by local news station ABC7, and soon others were weighing in on what they thought the device might be.  Soon afterward, Life’s Little Mysteries reported that the object had been constructed by Northrop Grumman, creators of the X-47B.

X-47B is not to be confused with Boeing’s mysterious X-37B, the orbital test vehicle which recently remained in space after its projected mission.  The X-47B is a far less mysterious unmanned drone designed to be operated remotely from an Aircraft Carrier.  And if you were to place a tarp on the X-47B and place it on a truck it would look exactly like the object photographed in Cowley, Kansas.  Additionally the vehicle, if its dimensions were to be compared to the object moving through the city would match perfectly.  For the moment it seemed the mystery was solved.

But there are still plenty of questions.  Chief among them, of course is the simple fact that the crews refused to disclose what the object was, and why they would move the craft via truck when it could be airlifted.  Why was the object left with only a tarp covering it when more precautions could have been taken to hide what it looked like?  Anyone noticing the object would know it appeared eerily similar to one of Kenneth Arnold’s flying saucers.  It almost seems as though the mystery surrounding this object was heaped on by those moving it rather than simply obscuring it.  And so it seems there is still some mystery left, although it may not necessarily be an alien one.