Israel Shoots Down UFO!

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A report has come forward revealing that Israel announced shooting down a mysterious UFO hovering near Dimona Nuclear Plant.  The object is still unidentified, and despite the fact that aircraft successfully targeted and shot down the object, there is still no official word on the device’s origin or nature.  The official story at this point is that the object, whatever it was, has proved impossible to find after the incident.  Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time Israel’s Dimona nuclear facility has reached mainstream news.

The story is by no means coming from the fringe, as the original account was revealed by CNN sources late last night.  As the search continues for the debris, many are wondering just where the unidentified flying object could have come from.  As speculation mounts that the craft could have been of strange or unearthly origin, many are proposing that even if wreckage is discovered, the likelihood of Israel announcing having destroyed a UFO is fairly slim.  Already UFO enthusiasts are warning to brace for an announcement of a downed weather balloon with photographs to follow.  But was there anything to suggest the UFO was indeed of strange origin?  The narrative given by the Israeli Defense Force suggests that the object entered a restricted no fly zone and was subsequently shot down, but have not given any further details on the incident.

Still, CNN added to their story the suggestion that other media had reported that the object appeared to be moving of its own power.  Such a craft in an Israeli no fly zone would have been recognizable by any pilots targeting the craft.  No photographs of the incident have been revealed, and there have been no reports of planes missing after straying into the area.  This seems to suggest either a secret aircraft that had not registered with any public record keeping service or a device guided by remote control.  Of course either of these scenarios fails to rule out the possibility of an otherworldly side to the story.

Dimona has been known for taking its airspace very seriously.  Since it was built in 1958 and has been a major source of controversy both for its experimental procedures as well as subsequently for the age of its reactor.  The nuclear reactor has been in operation for some time, resulting in health officials distributing pottassium iodide pills to the surrounding population centers just in case an accident takes place.  Meanwhile, this UFO that the military shot down is creating quite a stir.

Earlier this year we heard from military officials who had personally witnessed unidentified flying objects believed to be of possible otherworldly origin looking in on and visiting nuclear facilities in the United States and abroad in places such as Rendlesham Air Base.  The presence of these unknown craft near facilities has been a matter of concern for many who suggest they may actually be the most pressing matter of national security to date as well as some of the best evidence of an otherworldly influence in global affairs.  But with the shooting down of this most recent aircraft, one can only wonder if the mystery is about to be solved once and for all.