J-Rod And The Convergent Timeline Paradox

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J-Rod and the doctrine of the convergent timeline paradox

Cassini Writes: Whilst reading Nexus a few months ago (issue Dec 2002-Jan 2003) I came across an article by Bill Hamilton about a gentleman called Dan Burisch. Dan it seems was an extremely bright Micro-Biologist who worked for the government in a top secret facility of the nature of Area 51 and S-4.

Dan�s job was at least partially to work with EBEs and was striving to cure some manner of disease that the EBEs had. The piece goes through a range of different fringe science type things, Ganesh Particles, convergent time lines, what the EBEs are doing here etc. The end result was the eventual death of Dan shortly after contacting someone to go public (convenient or what) over the whole affair.

Compared to most issues regarding these types of claims there seems to be a relative lack of discussion and published articles on this and feel compelled to try and find out more, so if anyone has info please share. Or opinions welcome on the falsity or truth of the matter.

There aren’t many articles around on this so here are what seem to be the best.



Part One above


Part Two Above

Since originally coming across this there has been an alleged sighting of Dan Burisch. And I`d just like to state right now I believe very little (not everything but a lot) that Rense and the people who posted this article say. https://rense.com/general34/alive.htm 

Really unsure what to make of this affair, seems to me that the whole thing is a carefully orchestrated affair. First he does some whistle blowing about EBEs he has been working with, then it turns out he has died under suspicious circumstances, then he turns up alive. All sounds a bit Lazaar at the moment.