Japanese: Behind UFOs?

Performance writes ” Recently watching a documentary on the SciFi Channcel regarding Roswell I came up with a possible theory about who just might be behind UFOs, due to some comments suggested in the program.

The program was intended to persuade or “prove” that an alien spaceship really crashed in Roswell. New witnesses who once refused to talk were now willing to talk. This show was the latest in the many documentaries that have aired on various channels regarding the Roswell Incident.

The documentary, however, failed to convince me of aliens completely, but gave me a theory that the Japanese just may be behind UFOs (Read More)

1) The first clue came when they talked of the metal rods that had sybolic writings in the color purple across them. We know the Japanese have 23 different alphabets, all comprised of symbols. It seems likely that many of the people who saw these rods would have no clue as to the origin of this symbolic language … including possibly the miliary to a point.

2) One witness described the “aliens” as these Asian looking things. It would seem likely as well, that a Japanese (Asian) man/men whos bodies were probably badly disfigured in a crash of that sort would appear to be some sort of creature, that at that time, due to the big UFO frenzy, would be mistaken as some sort of creature or alien.

3) The military at first had no clue that the crash had occured. It was a witness who called in the event to the local Air Force Station. If it were our Government behind it, chances are there would have been immediate military deployment when this crash happened.

4) This was during WWII times, infact, just after, so Japan, who was nuked by us and basically told they were unable to have defense capabilities. It is no secret that the Japanese are far ahead of the United States in technology! They could have been designing these crafts for awhile. So why did they not use the crafts during the war? Simple … they were still in the test phase … hence the crash at Roswell.

5) This might also explain why many UFO reports at that time were reported near U.S Nuclear Sites and Nuclear testing. The Japanese would be the ones who would be suspicious of the U.S and nuclear missiles.

6) This might also explain why even today, many reports occur during war time. It seems likely that whoever is behind UFOs knows the state of the world well and when and where wars are taking place. These UFOs may be being used as survelance.

7) In the message the guy hold in his hand in the weather balloon picture, there is no mention of the word UFO, flying saucer and aliens. It says “disc” and “victims”.

8) A guy who is/was investigating the crash at Roswell asked one of the guys who was involved with it if he was on the right track by assuming it was a UFO and ET. The witness responded that it would not be the wrong path. In other words … he didn’t say “yes”, he said in so many words, it is not ET, but yes, it is foreign, so it is not totally the wrong path.

– I believe the U.S figured out this was Japanese. After the war the U.S told the Japanese that they were basically to have no defense, basically stripping the Japanese of any way of starting war again … or the U.S hoped so anyway. The U.S knowing this was Japan, didn’t want to admit to the U.S public after all of this that suddenly now the Japanese have this craft that has these capabilities. What would that look like? Not very good! Hence the cover up.

-The U.S I think is currently in partnership with Japan, developing these crafts. There is a cover up, but not about aliens. If you notice, we haven’t really had, if at all, any problems with Japan since this incident. More inforcing the thought that we may be teamed with Japan, creating top secret aircraft, we know at UFOs.

– If you notice as well, most all places that are high in UFO are sitings are at or near a military base of some sort. This further, to me, says that it is government and military behind this.