Jets Chase Arizona UFO – Confirmed by Multiple Witnesses

You may recall our coverage earlier this year of military aircraft chasing unidentified flying objects of unknown origin.  This latest case still unfolding not only has confirmation of the chase by a second independent witness nearby, but by triangulating the locations of the two sightings we can get a general idea of the path the jets were taking.  With rumors of eight foot tall mysterious entities sighted near Flagstaff Arizona in the past few days, this case is only getting stranger the deeper into it we look.

Arizona is certainly no stranger to UFO sightings, but the recent flap of UFOs appears to involve the possibility of creatures on the ground according to one witness looking for answers and a craft observed hovering in the area according to several others who submitted their report to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).  There are several different witnesses in this case that appear to paint a disturbing yet intriguing narrative.

The first witness did not see a UFO, but their sighting would confirm a second sighting of three military craft chasing down an unidentified flying object.  The witness was in the Northwestern corner of Scottsdale when their attention was suddenly called to three fighter jets using afterburners and tearing across the sky in attack formation moving south.  As they watched they would think it was odd, but wouldn’t make the UFO connection until a second sighting was reported by a witness who observed something quite strange twenty minutes later at approximately 5:20.

The jets apparently moved south of San Manuel before turning North on a trajectory to intercept a series of blinking lights hovering above the general area around “Top of the World” – a mountain just North of them.  As they looked to the North they could see in the distance a mysterious glowing light hovering.  The witness making the report to MUFON reports that he is 18 and has always been a skeptic and often poked fun at his dad (who was also present) for believing in extraterrestrials.  Needless to say the incident made a believer out of him.  As the jets closed in on the mystery light it shot off to the north west into the distance far faster than the craft could follow.

The strangest part comes from a lead we’re currently following based on a tip that a witness reported spotting a mysterious group of strange beings no shorter than eight feet tall near Flagstaff while hiking who the witness believed to be not of this world.  This unconfirmed close encounter of the third kind apparently took place shortly before the preceding UFO chase was witnessed.  And on the same night as the Flagstaff sighting a separate witness observed a mysterious silvery craft on top of Mount Humphries.  After the incident the witness reported his sighting to authorities.  Shortly thereafter the UFO chase occurred and was reported to the Mutual UFO Network.

And independent of this sighting there have been several more in Arizona over the past few days with the lion’s share of them localized over Phoenix.  There’s no way of telling what we will find in the coming days, but we will bring you more details as new developments occur in this strange and still unfolding UFO wave.