John Weber’s UFO Autobiography

I became familiar with the Eduard “Billy” Meier ufo case through the book and video publications documented by Col. Wendelle Stevens, Lee / Brit Elders and their technical team. In the winter of ’92-’93 I obtained permission to air the video document on the local community television channel where I lived in Williams Lake, B.C. Canada. The TV station manager helped me compose a leader to the (video) where I invited those who view (it) to contact me with anything they might wish to share re: ufo sightings etc.
After about 3 airings through the first week & 1/2 of Jan. ’93 a full blown ufo flap unfolded and I monitored sightings reports covering an area ranging from Quesnel,(75 miles to the north), down to the Kamloops region, (180 miles to the south east)! I did my best to accomodate people who wanted to talk about things they were apparently witnessing in their own back yards!
At that time and even before I had experienced my own sightings and memories of childhood sightings returned in my recall. I admitted my personal level of open-mindedness on the subject to myself and to anyone.
Things seemed to settle down as I pursued a move(to Kelowna, B.C.) with my wife and children. Then through the years ’95-’97 I engaged with ‘high strangeness’ again including sightings and other occurrences!
Presently (2005) I live in Salmon Arm, B.C. I have the ufo subject on my ‘back burner’ of focus however, I continue to monitor and research the topic regularly. It is my personal opinion that should I (at any time) decide to intensify my focus making more time available to ufo study, it is then that I’ll experience an increase in personal sightings and become more ‘tapped in’ to what is happening just about everywhere at any time on this planet!
Thank you for this opportunity and best wishes for the coming years!
John Webster