Julian Assange Arrested After UFO Announcement

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Julian Assange, the Australian native and founder of Wikileaks has been arrested.  But if the actions of his site Wikileaks in the recent past are any indicator, the world hasn’t heard the last from Assange or his reporters.  Indicating that he has several more documents remotely spread throughout the world in the form of digital supporters, the world is awaiting the latest release of information and the next move from any of the various political supporters and opponents on this unfolding field of espionage.  And it is not lost on many UFO believers that Assange’s arrest happens just as information regarding the UFO phenomenon has been announced.

Is it possible that Assange stumbled upon something too great even for his site Wikileaks?  Is there some bit of information out there too great and too life changing that even this rebellious former hacker has realized he must not let it out?  As Wikileaks has been careful not to release anything too dangerous thus far, it seems possible to some conspiracy theorists that Assange’s turning himself in during a critical moment may hint at something deeper going on.  Still others suggest it makes little difference in the end as the thousands of pages of important documents have already been released into the public and there is nothing to stop them from being pieced together and released to the public.

Assange said in a media chat interview that for a long time they had been receiving requests for information regarding the UFO phenomenon, and that they would soon be releasing information regarding UFOs referenced directly in diplomatic cables.  Of course the incredible news sent shockwaves through the paranormal community that then suggested these cables may somehow either be related to the infiltration of military airspace by unidentified flying objects or even a larger conspiracy related to the UFO phenomenon.  But now as Assange has turned himself in to British authorities pending sex related charges against him, many are wondering if these cables will be lost in the shuffle over the next few weeks.  But with the documents now encrypted and spread through so many computers, there’s little doubt that the information is “out there” and it’s only a matter of time before Assange decides to cash in his insurance policy.

What will we learn about the UFO phenomenon?  As we’ve said before, the released UFO files from Wikileaks will be closely scrutinized by UFO theorists the world over.  And even if they reveal only a passing interest in the UFO phenomenon after so many years, the government’s official stance on Unidentified Flying Objects since the closing of Project Blue Book has been an unchanging “no national security interest.”  And as such, the UFO files here may paint quite a different picture.  Will we finally learn what the government really thinks about UFOs?  And is this the form disclosure of an extraterrestrial presence on Earth will take?  This new revelation could take the whole UFO phenomenon in an entirely new direction.