Keep Watching the Skies – They’re Unusually Full

Last Updated on November 30, 2020 by admin

Since reports of the strange object that crashed in California have died down there has been a marked number of question marks left unanswered regarding the incident.  But with the increased activity there have been many people who have taken to looking for the truth themselves, by watching the skies.  And they are noting an increase in unusual activity both of a natural and unnatural nature.  While witnesses have indeed seen UFOs, there is also an increase in the number of reports of natural aerial phenomena as well – such as shooting stars.  The strange part is some of these seem to happen at times or in places that are -according to NASA- less likely or are preempted by a “calling” to go outside and look up.

It’s no mystery that after a major UFO event the number of people looking up at the skies for answers increases dramatically.  After several months of dormancy, more are inevitably looking up in the skies now.  In addition to an increase in the number of UFO reports, there has also been a marked increase in the number of green fireballs spotted – and satellites acting erratically.  Some have suggested this could be because of intense activity from the sun.  But whatever the cause, these witnesses are looking for answers and suggesting there could be something very strange going on in the skies.  And if the media will not hear them out, they are filtering to Internet forums to share their findings.

But while the same standards don’t necessarily apply to internet forums that are presumably required for local news stations, these witnesses are stating in no uncertain terms that there are patterns of objects passing over or near several major cities including New York, Phoenix Arizona, and Austin Texas.  While there are reports from other areas as well, these three have each had multiple ground witnesses suggesting what they saw was beyond explanation.  Responses have of course ranged everywhere on the spectrum from belief to skepticism.

While the sightings are rare, there have been a few themes in the disparate sightings, including several witnesses who suggest they saw a seemingly ordinary shooting star or meteorite, but that it was – much like the sightings in Arizona and California – green.  Green fireballs are a controversial subject among astronomers.  There have been a number of theories regarding the phenomenon, though it does not stand as unambiguously as some skeptics suggest.  Ordinarily fireballs from meteors are either yellow or green in color.  In fact the green color from shooting stars is not entirely explained.

So even this seemingly conventional aspect of the UFO phenomenon has created a rift among experts who suggest the recent increase in the number of green meteorites may seem perfectly normal – but is in fact just as unexplained.  So why now?  There was a theory that there could be a connection between the green fireballs and radiation – perhaps its no coincidence then that we are seeing them now after the Fukushima accident released such a large amount of radioactive debris into the atmosphere.