Kirsan UFO Claim Sparks Investigation Demands

When Kirsan Ilyumzhinov claimed that he had been in contact with alien beings that visited him and brought him aboard their vessel, several Russian politicians and military officials that this nature of incident, should it be true and repeated, could pose a threat to the country’s national security.  It’s unknown exactly what transpired during the time Kirsan claims he was on-board an alien vessel, but the incident has raised a serious question that at least one Russian MP is proposing an investigation be carried out.

Andre Lebedev  has raised a question beyond whether or not Kirsan has lost his ability to govern, but is tackling the root of the matter: If he went aboard an alien vessel alone, is it possible that something else could have happened while he was away?  The possibility of alien mind control, though almost comical, is something that the MP is taking very seriously.  In addition, is it possible Kirsan could have revealed state secrets?  Or what if he had given some vital information about the existence or location of nuclear facilities?  Lebedev has drafted and sent a letter to President Dmitry Medvedev saying if the story is true, and Kirsan is serious about this, then it is a historic event that should have been reported to intelligence officials in the Kremlin.  Furthermore, Lebedev inquired as to whether there was an official policy on high ranking officials making contact with alien entities.  If there is not, then this latest development almost demands that there should be.

Medvedev also demands there be an investigation into the incident, saying it is too serious a claim by too high up an official to simply laugh off.  Even if it is not true, he says this incident must be investigated and some very serious decisions made about it.  Whether it’s likely or not, placing protocols in place for just this sort of unknown scenario is exactl the sort of thing that ensures a nation doesn’t get caught unaware if something of this nature should ever happen.  And it’s almost certain that if there is some sort of government cover-up regarding the presence of alien visitors, then it only stands to reason that this information should get to those in charge in the event of an unlikely abduction by such alien interlopers.

Of course there are also those who suggest that any such claim by Kirsan is the result of a long history of eccentric behavior.  The self made millionaire and politician’s credibility has been called into question using his obsession with intellectual pursuits such as chess as evidence against him.  It’s strange to think a life of ambition and good deeds can suddenly become undone by one claim using those very good deeds against you.  And what of the other three witnesses that claim to have seen Kirsan board the vessel?  Is this further evidence of alien contact?  In an investigation of any other nature, this would be certainly admissible.  What really happened to Kirsan?  Perhaps this investigation and inquiry will tell us.