LA Sees New UFO Flap

The city of Los Angeles has always been a major sight for UFO encounters, but recently a UFO flap happening in the past three days has spurred three different reports from individual witnesses to the Mutual UFO Network.  The sightings, which took place between the 17th and 20th all bore striking similarities to one another and occurred directly above the city.

It all began on the 17th when a witness was standing outside his home testing his camera.  As he stood observing the sky he pointed his camera to he heavens and snapped a photo.  The object that appeared in the photograph was perfectly spherical in shape and bore a striking similarity to the type of orb commonly witnessed in ghost photography.  While it initially looked like it could have been a dust particle, the same object was then photographed again from a different location and in a different section of the camera.  This suggests it may have been more than a mere photographic anomaly.  It would prove to be only the beginning.  The first sighting would take place in San Fernando Valley where the final sighting would take place two days later with a different witness.

The next sighting would take place days later just north of Lomita when the witness would witness a mysterious object hovering above his home and the object would emit a strange strobing light.  The strobe would then travel across the sky at incredible speed before vanishing altogether.  The witness claims they have seen several UFOs over the past 12 weeks, but this sighting was of particular interest as the object appeared to be actively signaling those on the ground.  As the witness watched, they took note of the differences and compared the sighting to the others finding this one to be one of the most incredible they had ever witnessed.

And the final sighting to take place once again returned to San Fernando when two witnesses spotted what appeared to be a rocket propelling itself across the sky.  When they looked closer through binoculars it appeared to be nothing more than a simple orb shaped object with a red fireball-like appearance to it.  The strange craft hovered completely stationary in the sky for several seconds before moving to a different location and then once again remaining still.  The object then vanished entirely before witnesses could photograph the distant light.

These distant lights holding vigil over Los Angeles like sentinels are iconic of the UFOs so commonly reported in the area.  As more witnesses report them we are reminded of the battle of Los Angeles which saw a hovering light over the sky that was fired upon several times by cannons and anti aircraft guns only to disappear hours later with no trace left behind.  But the real battle for Los Angeles it seems will be fought between those who see these objects and the skeptics who are convinced it is nothing more than natural phenomena being misinterpreted by witnesses.  Who will prove to be the victor this time?