Lancashire Man’s Report Confirmed by Other Reports

It’s a strange theme we’re getting all too familiar with in recent weeks.  UFO sightings are more and more being accompanied by sightings of known terrestrial aircraft, often helicopters, tracking massive cigar or disc-shaped craft.  One man, Jason Robins, claimed to have seen a 1,000 foot UFO while standing in his backyard, and even captured it via camera-phone.  Skeptics are asking if this man saw a massive UFO, why no one else has reported it.  What the media isn’t reporting is that several, in fact, have.

Thirty-four year old Jason Robinson, father of three and retired from the Army since 2005, was walking his dog in Threefields Tanterton, near his home, when suddenly four mysterious craft popped up in the distance.  “I was an air defender,” he recounted, “And I had to recognize military planes and civilian planes.  I had to know every type”¦ and they [the sighting] were definitely not what we had.”  Jason stood for a few seconds taking in the incredible sight, then sprinted back to the house to inform his family of the strange spectacle in the sky.  “There must have been other people who saw them because they were huge.  If you go off the size of a plane, say 60 feet wide, these must have been at least 1,000 feet , that’s how big they were.”  Jason Robinson says aircraft were also spotted in the area, and some have speculated that this may be a link to the string of California incidents where UFOs have been chased by helicopters on multiple occasions.

Skeptics have declared this sighting surely must have been a misidentification of a stray Chinese lantern, possibly sent up as a hoax, possibly stray from a nearby party.  Mr. Robinson, however, is not convinced,  “It doesn’t look big on there [the camera phone] but you can’t even see the planes on there , that’s how big these are to them. You can’t come out with ‘they’re Chinese lanterns.’”

Jason’s girlfriend, Tara Hughes, and his two sons, Samuel and Joseph, also spotted the mysterious craft floating overhead.  “I was amazed,” Tara said, “I’ve never seen anything like that before.  Just four of them all together.”  The four witnesses also caught cell phone footage, but Jason says he wishes to hold on to it until he can get an opinion from experts, though he’s confident they will all agree with his analysis.

Prior to the news report being broken by British newspapers, however, Sean Lonergan of Bamber Bridge also stated that he had seen a bright orange glowing object moving above him for two minutes silently before disappearing.  Another anonymous witness calling himself ‘Ang’ spotted ten to twenty bright orange objects floating far too erratically to be a Chinese lantern.  Another, named Melanie spotted four orange lights, in two separate incidents one involving a cluster of three and another fourth object by itself near Moor Park in Preston.  Melanie was with a second witness who also confirmed the sighting.  Is this linked to the mysterious string of dull grey objects spotted in California?  Stay tuned for any further developments on this, and the other cases.