Latest Israel Video Claims Proof – Does it Deliver?

A few days ago many UFOlogists were astounded when an image of a UFO dropping a light down on the Temple of the Mount spread virally and we were some of the first to share the second video and do an analysis suggesting the two were from people who did know each other.  But now a third video is coming out apparently from a group of Americans who were sitting by and caught the whole thing on film.  It claims to be final proof of the paranormal, but does it deliver?

When we first saw the light descending down on Jerusalem’s Temple of the Mount, it was clearly either the best hoax ever concocted or proof positive of something more.  As the investigation on the strange footage continues, more video has come about claiming to be connected to the events shot on January 1st 2011.

To take a look at how rare it is to find footage of an unexpected event even in front of hundreds to thousands of witnesses, let’s take a look at the first plane hitting the World Trade Center.  In this event there were thousands of witnesses in the middle of the morning looking up at the sky to see a plane flying low over the city.  This alone might have been something worth filming.  But even so, though witnesses filmed continuously through the next few hours, there was only one key piece of footage that would come out later to show the first plane hitting the World Trade Center.  Even this footage was only captured because the camera happened to be rolling when the tragedy occurred.  This demonstrates just how rare it is for people to be randomly filming the sky even in a world where virtually everyone has a camera.

But let’s take a look at the footage itself.  We may or may not see footage in the future of this event, but at the moment let’s disregard what may one day be and look at what is.  The footage happens apparently at a social gathering where people are allegedly hanging out on the balcony.  No people are ever seen, but we can hear them from off camera talking.  The witnesses react to the appearance of a strange object over the temple on the mount, and then after hovering a few more seconds disappears into the sky.

There are several tangential “red flags” to pay attention to in the film, but only a few that seem to confirm, unfortunately, that this footage is not the holy grail the UFO community has been looking for and is in fact unfortunately a fake.  Excitement at the prospect of a third film over the UFO incident filmed over Israel turned to disappointment when it was apparent that the image was actually itself one many users had seen several times before from Wikimedia Commons.  Note the sleeping man in the window in the bottom left can be seen blurred in the video alongside the exact same lit windows.  Almost immediately the footage was torn apart and labeled a hoax.  Still, the fact that comments cannot be posted on the video without being approved first has raised some question about how viral it will go before being officially labeled a hoax so we can start focusing on the more compelling other two videos.