Leading Astronomer: UFOs are Alien Probes

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When it comes to disclosure, every public figure that comes forward with information regarding UFOs and alien craft brings a high degree of excitement for believers with it.  But when a leading astronomer came forward with the same information, the simple journey toward disclosure seems to have hit a new and almost troubling reality for believers who suggest the days of UFO disclosure may be coming soon, whether we’re ready or not.

Wang Sichao is a leading Chinese astronomer.  With over 40 years of experience, and a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field, Mr. Sichao is one of the most highly respected astronomers in China.  When he came forward declaring UFOs were most likely probes sent to Earth by an alien race, the news came with mixed reaction to many of those who say the weight of his claim alone is enough to be both enlightening and possibly troubling.  With many giving up on the official government declaration of an alien presence on Earth, many believers are turning to the scientific community for answers.  And Sichao is one of those you would certainly look to with his findings.
In an interview with Chinese news site People’s Daily Online, Sichao declared that the craft utilized an antigravity technology as yet unknown by humans, and dismissed claims that a highly advanced alien race was necessarily hostile toward humans.  Instead, he suggested this information was yet to be discovered.  This statement has been one of the more controversial among those with alien abduction memories, whose opinions vary widely but are generally passionate about the subject.

When it comes to disclosure from the scientific community, a proposal by Stephen Hawking that visitation by alien civilizations was certainly within the realm of possibility, and Wang Sichao declaring that the UFO community’s longest held suspicions are true, there are still several levels of disclosure remaining for believers.

Wang also proposed that the visiting aliens appeared to be primarily interested in humans from a scientific perspective.  He suggested that even technologically superior alien races could be defeated if the human race were able to discover their weaknesses.  Mr. Sichao declared that since all life has requirements and needs, those needs show a lack of immortality and omnipotence immediately.  And if an alien race were visiting from a distant galaxy, they may need something we specifically have.  Rather than simply beaming down in indestructible ships, they may actually require our cooperation to achieve this goal.

With the disclosure by Mr. Sichao that alien craft are aliens and are currently visiting Earth according to his research and observations, what will the next step of disclosure be?  And how profound of an effect will it have on the world?  As we take the next step bravely forward into the future, we will wait and see.  And once the Pandora’s box of disclosure is opened, good or bad there will be no closing it again.  Many are predicting that quite soon we will discover we are not alone in the universe.