Life On Mars May Be Announced Soon

Life On Mars May Be Announced Soon

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have fantastic News.  Ammonia has been detected in the Martian atmosphere which might lead to the announcement of LIFE ON MARS.  It has been reported that Professor Vittorio Formisano, who works with the European Space Agency’s orbiting Mars Express craft, is planning on announcing the findings and concluding that life must be present on Mars!  I wonder if the information will filter to the American Public.  Either way, be sure to keep updated at www.unexplainable.net for more updates as they roll in.

The Mars Express, which is currently in Mars’s orbit has detected a considerable amount of Ammonia in the Martian Atmosphere.  Both NASA Scientists and European Scientists agree, Nothing but life can produce ammonia in the Martian Atmosphere. Ammonia dissipates quickly leaving no traces left behind.  If Mars is still emitting Ammonia, it must be a byproduct of Living organisms.

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Get ready,  the world we live in is about to change!