Light Formations Viewed All Over the Globe

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  Strange clusters of lights floating in formation have been spotted all over the globe causing many people to ask, whether 2011 is indeed the year of disclosure.  Already we have the major prediction made just last October confirmed by Stanley Fulham, now no longer with us.  And yet these clusters of lights started popping up all over the world no longer shying away from video cameras as the end of 2010 came around and now 2011 is upon us.  Is this the evidence we have finally been waiting for?  And are these clusters of lights nothing more than a man made (perhaps even accidental) hoax?  Or is there something more to this phenomenon that we haven’t seen yet?

The idea of UFOs hovering over the skies during holidays isn’t something new by any means.  But these sightings, even if they’re just clusters of Chinese lanterns, have somehow managed to avoid being photographed en masse or videotaped by most people.  Now as 2011 is coming about, hundreds of sightings it seems are taking place in the last days and hours of 2010 as if to conclude the new year.  But are they nothing more than Chinese lanterns?  If the paranormal report were to seem genuine to us, we would certainly be in good company.  Chris Holly of Chris Holly’s Paranormal world, a blog that deals with subjects related to the paranormal and UFOs outlined his argument for why these may be more than just Chinese Lanterns including flying in formation and flickering on in the middle of flight among other reasons.  While we don’t know just why these sightings are taking place over cities and rural areas all over the world, there are plenty of people who do claim to know.  On the side of the skeptics, these sightings are nothing more than simply paper lanterns held aloft by candles lit within allowing lift due to the heat rising up from them and carried by the wind.  Why then, are there reports of the objects moving in formation?  And what of the several MUFON reports that suggest the objects are often seen moving against the prevailing winds?  On the side of the believers, these objects appear to be some sort of signal.  The footage outlined by the Christmas Eve witness outlines that these objects seem to lack a black shape in the center of them and seem to be individual objects in themselves.  Of course this last fact could support either theory.

And then we’re left with the final announcement left behind by Stanley Fulham who predicted the UFO sightings over New York that ultimately closed down two airports.  In early January of the year 2011 a series of ufos will buzz Moscow and make brilliant displays, and eventually this will be the lynch pin that swings the door to disclosure wide open.  Will this door open onto a beautiful future with incredible wonders to behold beyond our wildest imaginations?  Or will it open up on mankind’s greatest conflict to date?