Lunar Lander or Space Invader?

In Poland Township, Ohio, a witness reports a ufo sighting where the witness, then a twelve year old boy, says he had a close encounter with what could only be described as a mysterious object of unknown origin.  The witness implicitly believes the object to be of alien origin.  The man’s life has been forever changed by this strange encounter.

In 1973 the witness was sitting in his living room reading a comic book when suddenly he heard a tremendous rumbling as though a rocket were suddenly taking off just outside his house.  Startled, the boy got up and began the journey across his living room carpet, tossing the comic book to the side, when he heard the voices of his friends shouting that Apollo was landing in the back yard.  As he reached the front door he could see his friends aged 9 and 10 standing staring up into the sky in his driveway.  They had been playing basketball when suddenly the object appeared and seemingly disappeared within a matter of seconds.

As he followed their line of sight he caught a glimpse of the strange object glinting as it soared through the sky, but now was little more than a speck moving into the clouds.   As they noticed their friend they suddenly pointed to the sky and asked if he had seen it too.  He declared that he had only seen it from a distance so they elucidated their encounter.

It had been nearby, toward the back of the house and metallic with an oddly cone shaped central capsule with three legs with “pods” on the end  of them. It had come down and soared over the house without landing, but rather gained altitude and then shot up into the air, disappearing to the south.  As the boys looked around, they noticed that the day was clear with no rain, and it was bright and sunny.  They smelled the air and detected no sign of exhaust from the object, and likewise noticed no contrail behind it indicating jet aircraft.

As they turned their attention to the house, they noticed no damage to it.  The object was an estimated 20 feet high and looked chrome and shiny.  The two boys who had seen the object did note, however, that the object had several dents in its surface.  The town, as it was approximately five hours from Dayton Ohio and 65 miles from the Cleveland NASA space center was an excellent place to spot an experimental aircraft.  But the boys were convinced this wasn’t of Earthly origin.  Since no evidence was left behind, however, they realized they would have an uphill battle in proving their story.  And so the boys kept the story secret for 37 years.

Still, the primary witness does think it’s possible that the object could have been a Lunar lander that had been tested at an undisclosed location and then experienced trouble hitting trees on the way back home (hence the denting in its surface), but regardless of its origin, the unidentified flying object they witnessed that day stands out in their memories as an event that was forever unexplainable