Lyrian Alien Race and the Cat Like People

Hello, sorry I didnt reply earlier..

Soo you ask of the Lyrians..  What I say might not be correct, but this is what I recall reading.

We all are Lyrian. lyrian is the mother race of off all intellegent races.  Lyrians were around well before other races, and were responsible for the seeding of many many cultures and races.

The Cat people, like the bird people, are a seperate race.  The Cat people used to visit during earlier world times. they were a friendly race who shared knowledge and wisdom with primitive earth dwellers.

I dont think much (if aNY) Cat people still visit the Earth. 

It’s crazy to think about.  Soo many Alien races could have existed.  Even now we fight over few feeble cases of intelligence located in the universe.

Scientists say there is a craft maneuvering in Saturn’s rings, and even the Sun.  There have been reports of alien activity on our moon, Possible life on Mars, Possible Oceans on Europa, and soo much more right here in our own galaxy.