M6 Crash Report – Paranormal Activity Cited as Possible Cause

A leaked report into the recent crash on the southbound carriageway of
the M6 just outside Birmingham shows that the investigation team are
struggling to provide credible explanations for some of the
circumstances surrounding the incident.

The pile up involved seventeen vehicles, including three trucks but
miraculously no one was killed although several people were taken to
hospital for minor injuries.

One anonymous source closely involved with the investigation said
there are three specific areas they are finding increasingly difficult
to explain; the tachometer readings of one of the the trucks, the CCTV
footage taken at the time of the crash and also the lack of physical
evidence to show drivers were present in three of the vehicles.

Details remain closely guarded but it is understood the tachometer
readings clearly show that the truck’s speed reduced dramatically about
one minute before the accident. The CCTV footage is alleged to show a
thin white line across the southbound carriageway, again timed at about
one minute prior to the crash.

No one from the crash investigation team is willing to go on the
record to either confirm or deny these reports and it is understood
that the entire investigation has now been turned over to another
police department based in London; although again, no one would confirm
of deny this.

More evidence has been uncovered in the recently discovered diary, http://1of26.blogspot.com/