Man Blames High Speed Car Chase on “Alien Invasion”

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A North Carolina story that has been sweeping the internet since it first broke comes to us in the form of a police report filed by police after a man described by friends and family as a “good kid” led authorities on a high speed chase reaching speeds in excess of 120 miles per hour.  The reason for the chase?  Richard Blanscet, the man leading the chase was convinced aliens were attempting to invade Earth.

The man had just recently taken a then unidentified substance that was later sampled and taken in for analysis, and then had become agitated.  Afterward he reportedly told authorities that he spotted a mysterious object hovering in the sky and led them on a wild high speed chase that cut through a churchyard, a cemetery, and a collection of woods.  After the incident, the man reportedly surrendered to authorities and was clearly in a temporarily very disturbed state.

His version of events suggested that he was privy to information related to an alien invasion that was unfolding before his very eyes.  And rather than sit down and allow the mysterious entities to overrun Earth, he had hopped in his car in an attempt to save his girlfriend.

The unidentified substance was later identified as a legal alternative recreational drug, and he had taken it under the impression that there would obviously be no ill effects.  And while it’s unclear just how much he took, the ensuing incident was widely considered by those who knew Blanscet as “a good kid” and “an honest individual.”  One local later reported that though Blanscet had driven through their yard, he returned later and offered to repair any damage to the lawn he had incurred during his high speed chase.

But there were other elements to this small town chase that are less humorous than others.  It seems Blanscet had actually entered an entirely different state of mind that he was entirely unaware of.  Somehow the drug may have affected his brain chemistry to actually make him enter a temporarily delusional state.  And while no one was hurt during the incident, it seems strange that the chase would take such a strange turn.  And while it is funny to think about someone speeding off down the road in an effort to avert an alien crisis (after all, Blanscet claimed he was guided by the voice of none other than Doctor Phil during the incident) there was a very real danger that could have been posed to other motorists during the event.

Very few are actually suggesting Blanscet was hearing actual important transmissions regarding an impending alien invasion, instead offering their condolences or spreading news of the incident as a joke.  But in reality, while no one was hurt, it’s something authorities are taking very seriously.  Blanscet was charged with driving while impaired, felony speeding to elude arrest, and resisting a public officer.  He is currently out on bail.