Man Spots UFO in Florida

One man in a rural community in Florida has reported a case of a mysterious flying object that appeared near him and his wife as he drove the two of them home from work late one night last week just north of Fort McCov.  The object has clearly left an impression on the driver of the vehicle, and no doubt will remain in his memory for quite some time as something that is in every way unexplainable.

The night began normally as any other friday night would with both parties, who will remain nameless, going to work and finally getting off their shifts to go home.  As they entered the truck of the primary witness, they got into the truck and began their long journey home with nothing but the sound of tires on the road and the whistling of the wind rushing past them  as the truck had no radio in it.  As usual, the witness’ wife fell asleep quickly in the passenger seat after a long day.  But the night would have one more event in store that would change the lives of the witnesses forever.

As the road gradually curved to the right just after Fort McCov, an object passed the truck from the right coming into view just in front of the tree line to the vehicle’s right.  Before it disappeared into the treetops, the vehicle seemed to “track” or follow the truck for a few seconds before veering off.  The driver, intent on seeing the object again, accelerated the truck to follow the object, which was traveling dexterously at 90 miles per hour.  This was about one and a half times the speed of the truck which was following the local speed limit at 60.  As he tried to catch up to the vehicle, he ran through what the object had looked like in his head.  It was approximately 130 feet long, or nine times the length of the truck they were driving.  Its width was approximately 25 feet wide, and the driver used the size and distance of the trees as a comparison.  The lights, which were all around the craft, were yellow, white, and green around the center of the vehicle.  It resembled, according to the driver of the truck, a stubby cigar with lights surrounding the center mounted on strange bumpy structures that resembled a 1940’s era automobile’s headlight mounts.

At first, scrambling for a logical explanation, the driver of the pickup truck reassured himself that what he had seen could have been a blimp.  Soon, however, he realized that though the vehicle did seem to share some physical attributes such as shape and size with some styles of blimp, that it would have been impossible for a blimp to perform such incredible flying maneuvers.  The vehicle had made sharp 90 degree turns on a dime, and blimps could only make gradual turns that would take several seconds, or sometimes more.  In addition, there were no games or events nearby that would have required the presence of any blimp, let alone a top secret incredibly maneuverable one.  Ultimately, the driver concluded that he could not identify the flying object that had passed by him and submitted the report to MUFON.  Unfortunately, his wife was asleep throughout the whole ordeal and did not see anything.