Man Who Predicts UFO Sightings Says Something Big Coming

We’ve been following the story of Stanley Fulham, the now deceased retired NORAD officer who predicted the October 13th UFO event that took place over New York City and prompted a nationwide scramble for UFO enthusiasts to discover what was happening both there and to a city that was rumored to be vaporized in a beam of blue light.  But now as the date of his final prediction draws near, many are wondering if this could be the big one that ultimately shows us that UFO disclosure is happening and happening now.

The first prediction stated that over major US cities a fantastic display of UFOs hovering in the distance over the cities would take place.  And on the exact day outlined in his book the event happened.  Airports were closed, speculation ran rampant on the Internet, and the incredible number of witnesses prompted much media attention on the subject which – though it had once been distant and even take the subject with an amount of whimsy- suddenly became serious and some detected even a tone of concern in the voice of news anchors prompting only more speculation.

But the news passed, and it seemed to many skeptics that Fulham had just gotten lucky.  But as he made his second prediction, his readers and followers certainly took him a lot more seriously.  The second prediction said that between the first week of January and the second there will be a massive UFO sighting in Moscow.  Information and news often have difficulty tripping the language barrier between Russia and the United States, but there are still several people fluent in both who would no doubt have shared information if it were large or important enough.  And as it turns out, there was a massive sighting of UFOs in Moscow during the night that had been predicted by Fulham.  But that wasn’t all he said.  At least that’s what several videos posted to video sharing site Youtube seem to convey.

His second prediction was that soon afterward a massive sighting would take place in London.  Obviously such a sighting, if it were to be as massive as the Fulham prediction would be big news on the BBC.  But as these sightings didn’t seem to make it onto the BBC it’s still questionable whether they have occurred yet or not.  And many are suggesting they may have even missed their deadline.

So what comes next after that according to Fulham?  His final prediction was that there would be massive “interventions” across the United States that would eventually call to action groups that would eventually openly make contact with the alien race known as the Pleaideans.  And the part that many people have overlooked is that while Fulham may have passed away, the group he was in contact with known as the “transcenders” is still alive and possibly able to make predictions still.  If these predictions turn out to be true in the next few days, expect to see many people attempting to find and make contact with them to hear the next message.  But the window for this group’s final prediction seems to be closing fast.