Mario Borghezio Demands Disclosure

The new movement in European politics to uncover a veil of secrecy surrounding the UFO phenomenon now has Mario Borghezio up in arms and demanding answers for the thousands of claims that the governments of the world are in a cosmic conspiracy to keep the public in the dark about UFOs and aliens.

The MP has put forth Declaration (0057/2010), a measure which if passed would change the way the European Union deals with the UFO phenomenon.  The Examiner has covered this proposal and outlined several of the facets of the tabled document including one of the most interesting, the creation of a specific center for scientific research to examine UFO data gathered in Europe.  Such an organization would be the largest move in the study of Unidentified Flying Objects since 1978.  

So what does this mean for the field of UFO study?  When project Blue Book was founded, many suggested it was merely a smoke screen designed to placate a frightened public in the midst of a massive series of UFO incidents – the final word in order to stop the public from making demands of a government already overtaxed to be studying a potential alien threat.  Many of the claims were refused as hoaxes, or explained away as misinterpreted natural or man-made phenomena.  The end result was a program that was not interested in genuinely studying the subject of UFOs, but rather making a problem go away.  But would the commission set up in the EU be more open minded as times change?

With the release of previously classified UFO reports coming forth worldwide, some opponents of UFO study are suggesting that the government has done all that it can be reasonably expected to do in the light of the strange nature of the subject.  But perhaps the real disclosure many people have been looking for isn’t merely the release of collected reports that were submitted to the governments of the world.  Of course this disclosure has two major possibilities and three ultimate end scenarios.

In the first possibility, the government has no knowledge of the presence of extraterrestrials ever being present or operating on Earth.  Many skeptics have suggested that the crash and cover story of the object discovered in Roswell New Mexico was a carefully created smokescreen to cover up some unknown but very terrestrial object crashing.  In this scenario if the public were truly adamant enough about the release of UFO documentation the government would have two options.  The first would be to suggest that the knowledge was down to a very specific compartment of a military institution and distance itself from the organization, leaving it to defend the reasons for its cover-up.  The hoax would likely continue and we would never know.  The second would be to attack the interest itself and leave the UFO mystery completely static as the public’s attention became otherwise occupied.

But what if there is a cover-up?  The scenario ending with full disclosure is one where the visiting extraterrestrials came forward.  No amount of anecdotal evidence, even that from as big an entity as the government would be able to counteract the firmly held beliefs of many skeptics.  When a subject as powerful as alien contact is involved, many show their ability to act on faith both for and against the possibilities to incredible extremes.