Mars Rover Discovers Possible UFO Crash Site On Mars

 Mars Rover Discovers Possible UFO Crash Site On Mars

As we all watch and await news from NASA’s Mars Rovers, the picture is finally uncovering itself.  Today,  On 1 Picture alone, we can see a Motor, Processed Material, Skulls, and a Snail Like Creature. It seems as if the Rover Spirit has stumbled into a UFO Crash site on Mars!

Although natural  occurrences could possibly explain the skull formations, The First image of the Metallic Shell Motor like Object and the Spiral Snail Rock are absolutely remarkable.


Motor And Material On Mars?


This Motor Picture is Outrageous..  This picture clearly shows a metallic Motor Like Object On Mars.  You can see a Shiny flat shell, an arm is attached to the motor.  There is a piece of material behind the motor. Truly an anomalous Picture.

Skulls On Mars


In the Same region as the Motor, There is also visible skulls. It is possible that these are rock formations, But seeing these skulls right by a motor and material strikes me as a UFO crash site.

More Skulls

Just another glimpse of another Skull

Spiral Shells On Mars?


This one’s hard to see,  but if you look close at the roundish object,  it is in a perfect golden mean spiral.  It resembles a seashell that spirals, and we all know Life forms in spirals.  But its a great task to find a natural spiral rock. 



All these snips were taken from One NASA Released image of Mars from our Mars Rovers.

I can not verify or guarantee this is a UFO Crash.  All I know is it caught my eye.