Mass Sighting Memorial Still Draws A Crowd

In 1966 a group of students and teachers were involved in a game of football when suddenly an object descended from the sky and approached a field near them.  As the witnesses all gasped in amazement, the object then simply waited for several minutes before eventually taking off back into the sky.  The students involved in the incident were so shocked by what happened that they would eventually come back years later in order to commemorate the event which would become known as the Westall UFO Encounter.

The encounter began simply enough.  A strange object first seen in the sky interrupted a game and as they all shielded their eyes against the glare of the sun it swooped down into a nearby field behind some trees and disappeared from sight.  The object was approximately the size of two automobiles and was disc shaped.  As the witnesses watched with excited curiosity, others quickly descended on the scene.  And quite quickly the number of total witnesses had swelled from just a few dozen to well over 200 people.  After a half hour of waiting in shocked amazement, the object ascended from behind the trees and proceeded to then shoot off into the distance.  It’s still unknown what precisely the origin of the object was, although several witnesses reported that it was exactly like the flying saucers everyone was talking about.

Theories on what the object could have been are still being tossed around even today as witnesses on April 6, 2006 descended once again on the field.  Though they at first came to the field expecting an uneventful day, what they would eventually find was an incredible display of mystery that would haunt them with a sense of wonderment all the way into the next millennium.  Future informal reunions have been planned, but even if they do not gather in person to commemorate the strange events, these witnesses will most certainly commemorate them in mind.

And if the story is not strange enough already, there is one additional detail.  After the object ascended back into the sky, several aircraft were spotted shooting after it at a low altitude as it made its expeditious retreat away from the scene.  The aircraft were reportedly terrestrial in origin, and looked like conventional commercial Cessna craft very similar in appearance to planes we would see on runways every day.  The RAAF, during an unofficial investigation, checked their logs and discovered that no such aircraft were in the area.  It would, however, seem fairly similar to many reports striking the popular culture of the UFO phenomenon today with mysterious planes of unknown origin following UFOs with just as much mystery as the craft they tailed.

Though it was almost fifty years ago, the mass sighting of this craft has largely fallen into the pages of antiquity and away from the public eye’s scrutiny.  But perhaps the witnesses will one day all see another incredible sight during one of their reunions, and learn the truth behind what they saw that morning.