Mass UFO Sighting in China

January 11 in China marked the latest big UFO sighting to be had by Xinjiang, already famous for its previous high profile UFO events.  The mass sightings have been happening with such regularity that all but the most skeptical are giving these cases a second look.  Of even greater importance is the incredible way in which the sightings are manifesting before shocked witnesses.  The incidents were documented by both film and video footage.

The most recent sighting has local news working 24 hours a day to try and figure out what the object was.  Experts have been called in from all over the world to weigh in on what the mysterious object seen and documented by hundreds could have been.  According to witnesses, the object began as a distant star-like light that soon became a bright blazing corona of luminescence against a blue sky.  The object was so bright, it is said that it could not have mistakenly been a star.  It first turned red, then green, then swelled to a massive golden color as it grew brighter and eventually somehow transformed into a massive flying saucer-like shape.  Or perhaps  what witnesses observed was something entering Earth’s atmosphere.  An object entering the atmosphere may very well start off red as it begins, then as the fires clear it could be finally fully viewed as what it is: a massive spacecraft.  So what does this sighting tell us?  For one thing, it clearly shows how the Chinese media takes sightings of UFOs far more seriously than Western media.

Still, the ground reports of what the UFO looked like vary somewhat between different areas.  Some say the UFO was shrouded in a phantasmagorical mist that clung to it.  Still others say the object exhibited varied flight patterns including some who say it landed on a nearby mountain before darting East to an unknown location.  Astronomers from the region are claiming it could have been miscellaneous space debris, but are offering no explanation as to why space debris would exhibit such apparent intelligent control.

Some witnesses have clear strong opinions that the object was an extraterrestrial craft.  Is the spacecraft being sighted by hundreds, and others like it whose witnesses total easily into the thousands, actually hoping to conduct some clandestine operation once it reaches its destination on Earth?  Or was the entire purpose of its visit to be seen by hundreds and move humanity one step closer to disclosure?  Or is this merely an incredibly series of coincidences that makes a mundane object seem under the right circumstances to be something truly incredible and out of this world?

Experts will no doubt be analyzing the footage from this incident very closely.  Those who are analyzing the photos will no doubt be letting us know their opinions soon enough.  First inspections led many experts to say vaguely, “This looks genuine,” which merely means it is a three dimensional object in three dimensional space and cannot necessarily be equated to “This is an alien craft.”  Still, when it comes to massive objects that come from space and fly around under seeming intelligent control, the list of potential suspects isn’t very long.  If not an alien craft, then it must be a human one.  And if that’s the case, then somebody on this planet has quite an incredible spacecraft.