Mass UFO Sightings III

When it comes to UFO sightings, the one person that claims to have seen something strange and unknown flying in the sky is most likely to get ignored. However, when swarms of people start calling the police department or file reports about unidentified flying objects, the government and others start to take notice. In this article, you will learn about some of the reported UFO sightings that involved more than one person as a witness.

Burritt College Campus ”“ Tennessee

On June 1, 1853, a handful of students attending Burritt College in Tennessee caught sight of two luminous objects in the sky that led some to believe they had witnessed something that could possibly have come from outer space. Students were not the only witnesses to the strange sight in the sky ”“ a professor named A.C. Carnes interviewed the students and then reported the incident by writing a letter to Scientific American.

The sighting was described as a “small new moon” while the second object resembled a large star. The smaller object was reported to have disappeared, while the larger object changed shape a bit ”“ from a globe to an elongated shape that was parallel with the horizon. When the smaller light became visible once again, it rapidly increased in size, while the larger object grew smaller.
Over the course of 30 minutes, the two objects would continue to take turns growing and shrinking in size. The students wanted to know what caused such a sight in the sky, but no one could deliver an answer. The professor who wrote the letter theorized that the sight occurred because of atmospheric moisture, but to this day, the source of the incident is still a mystery.

Aurora, Texas

On the morning of April 17, 1897, a handful of residents in the small town of Aurora believed that they had witnessed a UFO crash in Texas. It was around 6 in the morning when people had awakened out of their slumber to see what a reporter for the Dallas Morning News described as an ‘airship.’ The account went onto say that the craft began to malfunction and stalled, where it then crashed into a windmill on property that belonged to a local judge. The debris from the crash reached across several acres. The news article went on to say that the only reported being onboard was the pilot of the ship who was so badly disfigured that he was described as not being of this world.

Skeptics dismissed the report and regarded it as a UFO hoax. However, many years later, the case still attracted interest and a reporter for the United Press International tracked down one of the residents of Aurora. By then, Mary Evans was now 91 years old, but still recalled the incident. She told the reporter that her parents had paid a visit to the crash site and told her that the body of the UFO pilot had been buried in the town cemetery.