Mayan Panels Discovered- Depicts Aliens and UFOs

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Mayan Panels Discovered- Depicts Aliens and UFOs

Reuters reported the discovery of ancient Mayan panels that have been
discovered. These panels host carvings of what appear to be Aliens and UFOs. The
Reuters report did not mention any UFO or extraterrestrial connection, but UFO
researchers say the carvings can’t be denied.

The panels were found deep in Guatemala’s northern jungle and are said to
depict Mayan creation myths. From what is gathered, the creation myths of the
Maya include monsters, serpents, and deities. The site where these were found is
known as “El-Mirador” and is the largest known Mayan city. The archeological
site where the panels were found also had roads, structures, and canals. The
area is very impressive even in today’s standards.

Richard Hansen, the sites head researcher, has dated these panels back to

UFO researchers and paranormal followers are excited about the find, as the
panels clearly suggest Maya history was guided by Extraterrestrials. The
timeline of when the panels were created and Ezekiel’s graphic descriptions of
wheels within wheels support each other, as the timelines line up and adds

I am sure there will be an array of skeptics trying to explain the carvings
and debunk the UFO connection, but the evidence is getting stronger that past
civilizations were indeed guided by Aliens not from Earth.

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