Men in Black

When you hear the term “men in black,” you may think of the movie featuring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, but this term can take on a completely different meaning to those who have claimed to experience an alien encounter. It is said that after an alien encounter, unknown individuals dressed in black clothing may visit witnesses.


It has been documented that people, who are said to have come in contact with aliens or have sighted an UFO, can develop or contract odd illnesses or conditions, but there are other occurrences that they may experience after an encounter. Some witnesses have claimed that Men in Black, also referred to as MIB, who are often described as being menacing or threatening, visited them. The goal of these Men in Black are to ensure that witnesses do not tell people of the encounter that they have experienced. They are thought to be sent in order to promote silence. But who are they and who sends them?


Throughout the numerous accounts of Men in Black encounters, there is not one depiction that is the same as another. These are unique documented accounts where descriptions of their appearance seem to follow a certain pattern, such as the details of their dress. Men in Black are illustrated as wearing a black suit, accompanied by a white shirt and black tie. Many accounts state that they wear a black hat that resembles the style of the 50s. Other details that have been noted include black sunglasses. It is thought that these individuals are either government agents or aliens in disguise.


One of the oddest claims to the encounter regarding Men in Black is the timing of their visits. Witnesses state that MIB are sometimes encountered directly after a sighting. Many times the witness has not even told anyone of their experience, but still they are visited by such a being. Sometimes there are more than one MIB that will visit a witness. Some believe that it is the aliens checking up on them to make sure that they do not tell anyone of their alien encounter or that they appear in order to quiz a witness on how much they remember of their experience.


Witnesses have reported that the Men in Black arrive in an expensive black car, such as a Rolls Royce. Some were able to take down the license plate number and run a check on it, proving that they were numbers that did not belong to anyone in particular. As for the description of their appearance, there are varied details regarding that topic. Some describe the Men in Black as favoring an Asian individual, speaking in an accent that is similar to their way of speech. Some have described the lingo that the MIB use as mirroring an old gangster flick. The phrases and choice of words that are said described as being “over-precise.”


Whoever these Men in Black are, it is hard to tell who they really are and if they really exist. The movie with the same name may seem a bit ridiculous and humorous, but to those who have encountered these men, it is no laughing matter.