Metallic Being Invades Home

A woman from Boston Massachusetts related a chilling encounter she had with a bizarre metallic being that invaded her room after she spotted a mysterious craft hovering above her apartment.  Since the bizarre encounter, the witness has been unable to sleep easily and has taken to locking all the doors in her house.

It all began in April of 2007, according to her report to MUFON about the harrowing encounter.  She awoke from a short nap after hearing a loud knocking sound on the roof of her apartment.  Since she lived on the top floor, she thought it might have been the gently rolling thunder of a coming storm.  As she got to the window, however, she found that it was not raining.  As she scanned the sky, she chanced a look straight up and saw something that perplexed her.  A mysterious large metallic object was hovering above her house with no lights and very little sound.  Her heart, understandably, froze.

She quickly retreated to her bedroom where she intended to hide and wait out whatever the strange craft was doing on top of her house.  It was then that a strange vaguely humanoid being walked into her room.  The being was roughly anthropomorphic and had a tight metallic suit all over its body with a strange steel mesh over its face.  As she watched she tried to make out the details of its face behind the mesh, but could only see large eyes staring coldly at her.  In its hand it was holding what appeared to be a syringe.  Trying to gather the courage to speak to it, she managed to say, “Please don’t hurt me.”

But before she had even finished her sentence, she reports the being had already approached her and she blacked out.  When she awoke it was the next day and she had no memories after that point.

Though she couldn’t remember anything more, she couldn’t help but wonder what had happened.  One peculiar element to this report is how different the being in this story is from others typically reported on in encounters such as this.  First, whatever the being is, it seemed to be using a sort of needle or syringe in order to subdue the abductee.  Second, it did not attempt communication in any way unlike many accounts such as those typical of encounters with the commonly referred to Greys.  And finally, the sound of the vehicle landing on the roof suggests a different type of craft or possibly that the being was acting alone.  Additionally, the victim was fully awake when the entity entered her home, which shows a distinct aggressiveness that is normally handled quite differently in alien abduction accounts.  And the mesh wiring over the being’s face; could this have been a sort of armor to protect it as it acted without help from others?

Or was this simply a horribly realistic dream or hallucination had by one frightened individual?