Michigan Resident Spots UFO

An object similar to this was spotted by several witnesses floating across the sky.The city of Rochester Hills in Michigan is known for many things.  It is a city with a long and vast history, beautiful landscapes and gardens, and from one recent report submitted to MUFON by a resident there, now UFOs as well.

A witness going on their way to see the fireworks show nearby in town was out walking in what many residents described as a perfectly clear night heading south by south-east along a stretch of road when suddenly a mysterious glowing object appeared to them in the sky a little less than a mile away from them.  At first the witnesses stopped to take in the mysterious sighting before continuing on their way unsure of what it could possibly be.

The object was stationary at first, and the witnesses used a plane flying in the distance behind it as a point of reference as it passed behind it, but soon as they continued watching the object began moving slowly before once again resting in a different portion of sky and becoming stationary.  High up in the distance the witnesses observed other air traffic, but nothing like this object crossed their eyes.  There was a helicopter hovering in a different direction, and for the period it was operating in their vicinity they could hear it clearly, but when they changed their course they found the golden UFO was emitting no sound whatsoever.  As they approached the crowd on the ground eager to start watching the UFO they did not say whether other members of the crowd were observing the object or not.  Presumably if they were, they kept it to themselves.

To cut the uneasy moment of spotting an object of unknown origin, the witnesses joked that perhaps the mysterious object was observing the fireworks from a distance.  This cut the tension somewhat, and they continued to wait for the fireworks.  As they looked for a vantage point to watch the light display being put on by the community as well as the mysterious interloper that was possibly observing them, they lamented not bringing a camera with them.  As they settled in for the upcoming show, they searched the sky in vain to once again catch sight of the object, but found that it had somehow mysteriously disappeared.

In Northern Michigan it is possible to catch sight of satellites reflecting the sun’s rays as it hovers overhead, but satellites don’t generally stop and hover only to disappear seconds later.  If it had been a meteorite streaking across the sky, it would have certainly only taken a second or so at most before disappearing itself into the inky night or impacting nearby.  And a conventional aircraft, even a helicopter, does not generally climb to altitudes described by the witnesses of this event.  In the end the mysterious object, though it didn’t stay long for the fireworks display is clearly a mystery.  And it’s a haunting thing to remember when the Fourth of July rolls around, that even as you watch the sky it’s possible that there is something else looking down at you.