Military Craft Chases UFO South of Mysterious Crash

Two days after police in Eureka, California were flooded with calls from locals who claim to have seen a UFO crash in the mountains, sightings have become increasingly dramatic in southern California, finally climaxing when on the fifteenth, two separate reports were filed to MUFON independently, both detailing a chillingly similar encounter between an enormous gunmetal grey cigar shaped UFO being chased by a helicopter as it moved West.

The first sighting happened near Brawley California as three witnesses were driving down Forrester road toward Westmorland, and a helicopter suddenly and steadily approached them as it appeared from behind a larger unidentified object.  The object the helicopter was chasing was reportedly dark grey, but not shiny.  It hovered past them with the helicopter in hot pursuit.  The entire procession appeared to be moving at approximately 60 miles per hour as it hovered several hundred feet above them across the road and into the distance.  The witnesses report that they lost sight of the object as they continued on down the road.  The entire sighting happened in the span of one minute.  The UFO also had three bluish orbs travelling beneath it.

The next sighting occurred later that night when a witness spotted a helicopter as they stood smoking a cigarette outside on their property and the procession appeared passing overhead.  By this time the three orbs relating to the UFO were not flying about the helicopter.  “All of the sudden, the blue orb light accelerated way faster than the helicopter, evened out to the same altitude, then stopped and waited for the heli to catch up. Once it did, the blue orb made more maneuvers ‘avoiding’ or more like playing or teasing the heli.”  After focusing on this mysterious light-show interpretation of cat and mouse, the witness then turned his vision momentarily away and noticed a massive dull grey craft hovering in front of the helicopter and the blue lights.  The craft reportedly had no lights on it at this point.  Were the three orbs some sort of defense mechanism for the UFO?  Did this helicopter spur it to use some form of distraction to defend itself?  The light show lasted for about five minutes before it hovered out of sight, the helicopter still in hot pursuit of the mysterious craft.

All four witnesses are convinced that the craft and the chasing helicopter were not of this world.  But the implications of a helicopter chasing a UFO and being in turn attacked by these mysterious glowing blue balls of light could have drastic consequences in the spirit of diplomatic relations.  It was clear some level of conflict was happening here.  Was this a spy blimp of some sort that was tracked by military aircraft?  Or was it something else?  California has had a flood of UFO reports in recent days.  Just this week a mysterious object allegedly crashed near Eureka.  Could these events be somehow connected?  One thing is for certain, the media hasn’t picked up either of these stories despite their sensational nature and several witnesses.  Perhaps there’s something else going on here that we are not aware of at present, but we will all be keeping an eye on California as this string of dramatic UFO sightings continues.