Military Indirectly Reveals UFO Crash Response

We’ve always wondered how the human race would respond to an attack by unknown alien forces.  It’s a subject that has been broached in books and films since the first story on the subject “The War of the Worlds.”  But now it seems the military has inadvertently released documentation revealing what precisely it would do to respond to reports of aliens in our airspace.  One of the most interesting aspects to the story is just how prepared they were to respond to what turned out to be a hoax ultimately.

It was on September 4th, 1967 when a group of engineers set up a line of craft designed to look like landed flying saucers.  And when reports reached the military, they responded seriously with bomb disposal units, the intelligence branch of the RAF, and military units were all sent to the site alongside several local law enforcement officers.  The area was corded off.  The bomb disposal units quickly approached the craft and began the process of opening it up, clearly curious as to what they would find inside.  When they found nothing, a group of engineering students from the nearby university revealed that it had all been an elaborate hoax.

But for responding to something that the military had allegedly never done more than scoff at, they certainly moved with precision like a well trained machine ready to take on whatever forces had landed there.  Interestingly, when compared to other UFO incidents that took place in the United States they match up almost perfectly.  The alleged crashing of a UFO in the United States – including the alleged crash of an object in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania.  If we are to believe there are no UFOs being recovered, then it would certainly be an interesting coincidence that the fictionalized accounts seem to match up fairly well when contrasted with the September 4th, 1967 incident.

Of course seeing nothing but hoaxes up until now you would think the military would respond with less interest to stories of crashed unidentified flying objects.  In reality, the amount of activity reported has increased substantially.  Even the recent crash of an unidentified glowing green object in California was followed with increased reports of activity in the area including helicopters, jets, and other aircraft.  If there’s nothing to the UFO phenomenon and the military does not take it seriously as so many are suggesting, why respond in such an expensive manner and risk looking suspicious in response to things like green fireballs?

Of course there are also stories of several military men and women coming forward with their findings and experiences while serving.  The Disclosure Project was one of the largest convergences of experts, witnesses, politicians, writers, reporters, doctors, and others in the history of the field.  Their testimony suggested this is something the military takes very seriously, but also handles as an intensely sensitive matter.  Are alien crashes real?  The evidence in this case seems to paint an eerie and extremely strange picture.  But if you want to know just how they would react if such an incident did occur, here is information straight from them to us all.