Minnesota Hunters Open Fire on UFO

When two hunters went into the woods expecting to catch game, they instead found themselves gripped with terror after coming face to face with a mysterious unidentified flying object – which they then shot.  Their shock was compounded when after shooting, they found their bullets bounced harmlessly off the hull of the craft.  Were these hunters coming dangerously close to a conflict with something not of this Earth?  Or are they playing target practice with the truth?

The hunters submitted their report to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) website shortly after the incident.  Deep in the woods they came across a mysterious object circling their area.  When one of them leveled a 30-06 on the object he pulled the trigger.  Rather than start something far bigger than themselves, the object responded in a surprising way, turning around and gently coasting away through the area as though nothing happened.  The hunters then decided to try again, this time firing two slugs from a 12-gauge shotgun directly into the center of the craft’s mass.  Once again, nothing seemed to happen.

One of the stranger elements of this story (aside from the obvious) is the fact that the hunters who fired upon the UFO did not report hearing any sound when the bullets and shells hit the hull of the vessel.  Ordinarily, even in the deafening report of a 30-06 the sound of the bullet impacting a metal or stone surface is unmistakable.  The sound is normally even greater for a single slug from a 12-gauge.  The forces involved would not only flatten the slug, but cause a tremendous banging sound as the object rang the (possibly) hollow shell of the craft.  Not only was the craft apparently unaffected, it resonated no such sound.

If the hunters’ account is accurate, then it would suggest the object may have been surrounded by some sort of field, possibly one that creates a barrier in space and somehow affects the momentum of objects moving to strike it.  This isn’t an unreasonable addition to the UFO narrative, however, as the craft would almost certainly need a barrier like this in order to travel at tremendous speeds without being struck by passing or stationary bits of space debris, which could over time tear the hull of most vessels apart.  Of course they could have also just missed.

At first, the witnesses thought the object might have been a X-47B spy plane.  In either case, it’s difficult to pinpoint what the motivations of the hunters might have been.  Did they feel they were in danger?  And if so, did they feel their weapons would have any effect on the craft?  While the actions of these individuals may seem perplexing, and even dangerous, we can’t truly judge the situation – having not actually been there.  But having read thousands of stories and accounts of individuals encountering an unidentified flying object, we rarely hear of anyone later wishing they had attacked one out of the blue – or being thankful that they did.