Missing Little Girl was Chased by Mysterious Beams of Light

New developments have arisen in the case of 11 year old Lisa, who is still missing after three witnesses say they were all four chased by mysterious beams of light in the middle of the woods.  The chilling encounter spurred a nationwide search across the Ural mountains of Russia, where UFO sightings are commonplace.  Since neither the girl, nor her body have been discovered, some are wondering if her disappearance could have been a supernatural occurrence.  Incredibly, this is not the first time the Ural mountains have been associated with mysterious beams of light and the death or disappearance of a witness.  It has, in fact, happened to nine other people, all dead.

In February of 1959, something happened to nine skiers who were found dead in the snow in the Ural Mountains of Russia.  Their tent had been torn open from the inside.  Clearly the nine experienced mountaineers had fled from their tent in a rush of terror.  Most of them died of exposure, but strangely one had his tongue removed, and another had his head smashed by an unknown force.  The Soviet government classified the case Top Secret and concluded that the murders were carried out by some “mysterious unknown force.”  Interestingly, witnesses from far away described lights in the sky that night over the Dyatlov camp very similar to the lights described by Lisa’s travel companions during their chase.

Local Ufologists have been working with the police on this case along with psychic investigators, but it’s unknown if the events of Dyatlov Pass have been considered a connection.  Ufologists do, however, say the incident described by the boys coincides directly with the phenomena of alien abduction.  The Ural mountain range has been the subject of intense scrutiny by several local and international investigators for years.  The nearby Kholat Syakhyl, or ‘Mountain of the Dead’ was important in the folklore of the local indigenous people who tell the story of the deaths of nine Mansi on it.  A fatal plane crash in 1991 also claimed nine lives.  Whether this number is a clue or simply a coincidence is unknown.

The boys for the most part are considered innocent, although their mysterious story certainly raises several questions.  What could have really happened to the four of them?  So far no talk of regression hypnosis has been reported to any Western media, but with the number of Ufologists taking interest in the story, it will no doubt be requested in the future.  If it was a UFO incident, it wouldn’t be the first time an alien craft reportedly took someone on board for several days or even weeks.  In the White Mountains in Northeastern Arizona, a man was mysteriously taken aboard a craft and away from his friends while traveling home from a logging expedition.  Travis Walton was taken away for several days, spurring several to suspect foul play on the part of the loggers.  Then, just as mysteriously as he had vanished Walton returned with an incredible story that was later turned into a book and a motion picture.

What is it about the mysterious Ural mountains that causes so many strange sightings and even deaths?  We may never know.  All we can hope for is the safe return of Lisa if she’s still out there somewhere.  In the mean time, more attention will certainly be given to the Ural mountain range as the reports keep pouring in.