MJ12 Not really Majestic One Claim States

Many years ago (in the eighties) a friend of mine showed me, and a very
large group of other teenagers, an ³underground² tape of Bill Cooper giving
a lecture about UFOs at an undisclosed location at Seddona Arizona (I hope
my spelling is correct). So many of us saw this tape that its contents
became common knowledge among us teens.
What I remember from the tape is this:

MJ-12 does NOT stand for Majestic 12 it stands for Majority 12. According
to Mr. Cooper, Majority 12 was/is a small league of the world’s most
powerful men whose (sometimes sinister) ideas greatly affected the world.
If I remember correctly, it was called ³Majority² 12 because the league
needed a minimum of 12 votes (a majority of the group) to make a world
changing idea reality. It sounds a little far fetched to me.

Once again, if I remember correctly, Project Majestic was part of a plan,
set forth by US Military Intelligence Officials (and/or perhaps MJ-12), to
discount UFO related operations that were leaked to the public. One of
their tricks used to discount such leaks was to secretly leak a second
version of the same story (via the media) that was comprised of half truth
and half BULL. This way the government and others could easily prove the
lies to be lies and convince the public that the whole matter “must be

I find it somewhat humorous when I stumble upon phrases on the internet
like “Majestic 12” since “Majestic 12” doesn’t even exist (according to Bill
Cooper’s ’80s video tape). It sounds to me like the term “Majestic 12” is
in itself a product of a Project-Majestic-like approach to imparting
questionable information… mixing truth and bull. What do you think?
If Bill Cooper was right, on the ’80s video tape, then you will NEVER
yelling…just trying to make things clear.) Perhaps it is time to start
Do I believe Bill Cooper? I don’t know. I was a kid who believed
anything…all of us who watched the tape were. Even though I am much older
now I would really get a kick out of watching that tape again, even though I
consider Mr. Cooper to be a little NUTS. True or not, it was entertaining
none the less.

Have a good day.