More Footage from Jerusalem! Same Craft Filmed in Utah!

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A second video has just been posted from the incredible footage taken over Jerusalem of a strange object suddenly dropping from the sky and hovering just above the Temple of the Mount.  The footage was taken yesterday morning at approximately 1:00 AM and uploaded just a few hours ago.  As this is additional footage of what is already proving to be an incredible UFO sighting of an object moving through the sky and joined by a second far larger object, if it proves genuine could be some of the most compelling UFO footage ever taken.

When the first youtube video came onto the net there was no doubt that it would be getting quite a bit of attention from the UFO community, but still others were wanting the second cameraman’s footage to be uploaded before forming any opinions about it being genuine or not.  And now a viewer who the original Youtube account Eligael is subscribed to has uploaded footage from the second so there is little doubt that the two accounts are connected.  The fact that Eligael also commented on the second youtube video saying people had been asking for him to upload his footage was confirmation that the second bout of footage likely was somehow connected to the first.  Even in the increasingly unlikely scenario that this was somehow faked, this second footage is recognized to be connected to the first.

The footage also syncs up in the audio.  The fact that we would have two individuals filming the same object from two angles in such an incredible case is virtually unheard of.  Even in these early hours after this footage is being released it is quickly going viral and soon people all over will be demanding answers.

Having two different angles of the same footage is particularly interesting in this case as it would make most methods of digital faking virtually impossible.  And if that’s not enough to make this story the smoking gun we’ve been looking for here’s a twist – that same craft performing the same operation was not only seen, but filmed over Utah the same night.

The object reported in Utah actually made the evening news when two independent witnesses saw a strange craft with red lights surrounding a central body drop a single white light from the sky over the city.  One of the witnesses was a man who manufactured parts for aircraft and says he knows what flares look like and this was definitely not a flare.  The strange footage has a sense of foreboding to it, or perhaps hope.  We woke up in a world where this sort of footage was impossible and the stuff of motion pictures.  But what is playing out over social networking sites and even the nightly news is being compared already to films like independence day.  Right now the case is shrouded in mystery, but bear in mind that Stanley Fulham did say in his last prediction before passing on that January would be a month of unprecedented UFO activity the likes of which we had never seen.  And from these past few hours and days it seems like he may have been correct after all.  Of course this wouldn’t be the first time.  Fulham predicted that in October a massive UFO sighting would take place above New York City, and what occurred that day had airports shut down due to the unexplained presence of a mysterious object over the city’s airspace.  We will be bringing you more details as this incredible story unfolds.

In the meantime, here is the second angle of the UFO footage over Jerusalem.

  And here is the same object filmed in Utah covered by ABC 4 News