Motorcycling Couple Spotted UFO

A recently submitted UFO report coming out after almost 40 years of silence is finally being released by the observer in a report that tells the story of two individuals who were riding their motorcycle at night when they spotted something that would change their lives forever.

It all began one October night in 1973 as Halloween was fast approaching.  It was Friday night, around 8:30 and as the two witnesses soared across the country roads near Wichita Kansas, they pulled over to the side of the road near an intersection.  As both were experienced bikers, they took notice of a gently southerly wind as they stopped to stretch their legs for a minute.  As the two watched a couple of incoming planes move in to the Mid Continental Airport, an orange object suddenly appeared on the runway the two were watching.  Surprised, the two were convinced that the object would be directly in the path of incoming air traffic as it approached to land.  Seeing as no planes were going to land for a few minutes, they didn’t think twice about it figuring it could possibly have a mundane explanation and went on their way.

As the bike was kick started back to life suddenly the area around them got darker as though an artificial light source had suddenly left or was being blocked.  As they sped off into the night they noticed the same object this time maintaining its position relative to them in the Eastern sky.  As they attempted to outride the object they reported it followed them, and as they attempted to escape it they realized they would not make it to the party they had been heading for.  As they rode, however, they felt they could communicate with the object telepathically as it would react to their thoughts and conversations.  They suggested it move west for no and east for yes, then oscillate between north and south to explain if it didn’t understand.

They eventually reached their home, but days later a local radio station had a program featuring Unidentified Flying Objects.  One caller the witness describes was a woman who reported the exact same sighting they had beheld.  But the questions they had asked and received answers remain secret to this day with the exception of one.  Though the object had serious impact on the lives of both riders, one of the witnesses reveals one of the revelations the object had granted him.  When he asked the object if he would ever see it again, it hovered in the East suggesting he would.

Unfortunately, according to his report, the witness suggests he may not have long to have this opportunity as his health is now failing.  Of course we wish the gentleman the best and certainly thank him for his incredible story and the hopes that he discovers the answers that plague us all in relation to these objects.  The failing health of the witness was a serious factor in submitting the report to MUFON and now it has been brought to the attention of the public to ponder.