Mr. Goods Extraordinary Alien Tales

ROSWELL INCIDENT Area: UFO Mandrake: The admiral who believes in UFOs Day of
week: Sunday 06/30/91 

THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH London Is retired Admiral of the Fleet Lord Hill-Norton
preparing to join Mr Spock in the higher echelons of Starfleet Command? The
question is not as far-fetched as might be imagined. The former Chief of the Defense
Staff believes that the earth may have been visited by creatures from other
worlds. In a forward to Alien Liaison, a new book on the subject of unidentified
flying objects by session musician Mr Timothy Good, Lord Hill-Norton writes that
the “astounding revelations” Mr Good makes are “impossible,
certainly for me, to dismiss unless they are . . . publicly disproved”. He
invites the many scientists and political figures quoted to “either put up
or shut up” if they feel they have been misrepresented.

Among Mr Good’s odder revelations are that aliens have been cutting off
slices of cow – usually rump – for analysis in their intergalactic laboratories.
In addition to the distasteful practice of bovine lo-bottomy, is the claim by a
well-known rocket scientist that several US presidents may have been visited by
a spaceman called Alan and that a Brazilian man was once seduced by a
four-and-a-half-foot tall alien woman (“beautiful, though of a different
type from the women I had known”) from whom he contracted “what can
only be described as a type of cosmic ‘clap’ “.

Lord Hill-Norton is not put off by Mr Good’s extraordinary tales. “The
plain fact is that either what he reports here is true, or it isn’t. If his
accounts of recovered UFOs and their alien occupants being in the hands of
United States government agencies (and perhaps those of the Soviet Union too)
are not true, then it seems that many important and distinguished former public
servants have perhaps lied, or have been grossly mis-reported. In the latter
event, one must expect and hope that they will take the appropriate legal action
to set the record straight.” Fighting talk, suggesting genuine conviction.
And the admiral is not alone in his beliefs. At least three former US
presidents, Mr Richard Nixon, Mr Jimmy Carter and Mr Ronald Reagan are UFO
converts (somehow one just knew it would be them) while the Soviet leader,
Mikhail Gorbachev, has stated for the record that the phenomenon “does
exist and must be treated seriously”.

The index to Mr Good’s book does not list any British prime ministers who
have expressed interest in flying saucers, but this can probably be explained by
the allegation that our putative aliens are power groupies and make
instinctively for the White House. Mr Kinnock’s views are similarly unrecorded.
In this country the admiral, whose chosen title is Baron Hill-Norton of South
Nutfield, appears to be the only leader to whom a protocol-conscious alien could
reasonably turn.

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