MUFON Witness Spots Triangular Craft Near Military Jets

A witness submitting a report to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) has reported seeing a wing of aircraft flying next to strange unidentified objects.  The objects, which were reportedly flying in formation near Boise, Idaho, were spotted the morning after the witness saw a much larger unidentified craft that sounds eerily familiar to those reported all over the world.

The witness reported to the Mutual UFO Network that the object he saw flying in the sky the previous night looked like a triangular craft with white lights on the tips of its wings and nose and a far larger reddish orange light in the center.  As it hovered over the area, the object started blinking its lights off and on.  Soon afterward several military craft streaked across the sky and began flying through the area in the distance.  The witness, understandably intrigued by  the craft, left to retrieve a camera from inside.  Upon returning, the witness noticed that the object had vanished, but the aircraft were still present and flying around the area.

It wasn’t until the following day that the witness noticed that the aircraft that had been present the previous night were still out and about, flying through the area with no sign of the triangular craft anywhere in the sky.  Considering it might be worthwhile to at least take photos of these terrestrial craft, the witness took several pictures of them and uploaded them to a computer.  The craft in the photographs showed strange objects very near them, as if trailing them or flying along side them in the sky.  According to the witness’ report, none of these anomalous features were seen as the filming took place, but were noticed later.  The photos are still pending release by the witness.

The triangular object reported by the witness was described as moving very slowly, too slowly to be any traditional jet airplane.  It was large, slow, and completely soundless as it parted the air passing overhead.  It was only when the other jets arrived on the scene that the eerie stillness of the night was shattered.  What was this object?  Was it being chased?  Or was there some sort of cooperation going on between this mysterious craft and the jets that arrived?  It’s difficult to determine the intentions of those flying in the air.  Another possibility is that the craft were simply performing an exercise in the area and were completely unaware of the mysterious triangular object quietly watching them from such a low altitude.

Triangular shaped craft have been reported for decades slowly floating through the sky soundlessly, flashing lights, and then vanishing without explanation moments later.  Triangular, delta, and arrowhead shaped craft are among some of the largest and most widely spotted UFOs in the world, but it’s still not clear if they are of military origin – or something else.  Increasingly, reports of terrestrial military aircraft operating near unexplained UFOs has some UFOlogists asking, “Who’s following who?”