Mysterious Beam of Light Reported in Tennessee

A mysterious incident reported to the Mutual UFO Network’s UFO reporting center suggests a witness spotted an object in the sky emitting light in an extremely remote area in a way that made him question what was going on, and if an extraterrestrial presence was known.  While we cannot confirm or deny whether the source was from this world, we can suggest that it is certainly not in keeping with ordinary aircraft or any known natural phenomenon.

The witness suggests that the sudden beam of light was reaching outward toward the stars in a direct line from the ground to the sky or vice versa.  The witness cannot say whether the strange and eerie light was from the sky and beaming down on the ground or coming from the ground and hitting an unseen object shooting upwards. Though he has been a sky watcher for several years, the witness reveals that he has never seen anything quite  this dramatic in his life, and believes that whatever it was that he saw was related to other mystery craft he had seen over the years.

The witness’ report indicates that the light was somewhere just west of Roan Mountain in an area where people rarely go.  The light is the first he has seen in over thirty years coming from that area.  As it was so distant, however, he could not get to the source to verify its origin.  As he watched, it just stood there like a spotlight stopping abruptly in the sky.  He compared it to the tail of a comet as it simply remained there hovering with no sign of moving and no indication that it was affected by any weather patterns.

To be seen from that distance, the beam of light would have certainly had to be very powerful.  The incredibly distinct light would have had to be nothing less than a spotlight from what the witness describes.  Although flashlights do exist that could in theory create a random beam of light shooting into the sky, it seems fairly unlikely that someone would hike ten miles into the woods on the off chance that the beam would be sighted by a single man in the distance.  Additionally, any minor jostling of the flashlight would have created a fairly noticeable disturbance in the light’s beam, and would have looked like a flashlight.  Instead, this steady column of light sustained in the sky without a single hint of movement according to the witness’ testimony.

Additionally, had it been a helicopter it would have most likely moved as well.  Helicopters using search lights often scan areas, but very rarely have reason to shed a sustained beam on a single area for an extended period of time.  Additionally, such a craft would have made enough noise even in mountains to be heard faintly for miles.  And helicopters generally look very distinct.  The witness did not report seeing anything of the sort in the area, instead suggesting it wasn’t clear if he was seeing an actual object at all.

He suggests that the area has been visited by mysterious phenomena before, which means it inevitably will be again.  Still, as this Tennessee witness suggests, there is little we can do currently to explain it.