Mysterious Being Grabs, Burns Woman

In Argentina a woman is reportedly recovering after a close encounter of the third kind with a being that apparently grabbed her and burned her flesh as it came in contact.  The witness reports that she has seen these beings before, but this is the most recent and possibly most terrifying encounter she has ever had.

Inexplicata, a blog covering unfolding events of interest to the field of Hispanic UFOlogy first picked up the story of a woman in La Pampa who is still having trouble adjusting after her first encounter with the bizarre entity that seems to follow her around.  After a previous sighting, she sustained injuries and from the looks of her most recent sighting, there is something still going on.

The being she says grabbed her was incredibly tall and thin with extremely long arms and fingers at the end of strange looking hands.  As she was doing chores at her family’s farm she suddenly came across the being and it reached out to her amid her loud protests.  Still remembering the terror of a previous incident, the witness recoiled in horror, but the incredibly fast being grabbed her face with an uncanny strength.  After this it simply turned and left her alone, but her son heard her scream and quickly arrived on the scene.  He found her in quite a state of shock and investigators were notified.  As the investigators secured and searched the area they would find a series of tracks far too large to be human leaving the scene.

One of the details the witness repeatedly described as terrifying was the strange color and glow of the eyes.  Though  they were incredibly sunken in like a skull’s eye sockets, the eyes within gave off an incredibly dim light like a tiny LED lightbulb were staring out where its eyes should have been.  And the intensity of those eyes only contributed to how terrifying the creature was.

As the witness described the events, the long footprints were photographed and she was informed of them afterward.  Relieved and perhaps a bit vindicated after being questioned by investigators, she became sure these footprints would have fit the strange creature well.

Though this particular type of alien being has not been widely reported, the encounter does share some elements with other sightings of its kind.  Perhaps the most strange aspects of these sightings, however, are the burn marks discovered on the victim’s arms the first time she reported such a sighting and the strange black marks on her face the second time.

It seems only natural that if one alien race can visit Earth, then barring any major military move to keep Earth segregated from the rest of the universal population,  there may be other visitors less common but belonging to entire planets comprised of races just like them.  Was this the final visit to a woman who had seen these creatures before?  Or is it just the beginning?