Mysterious Craft Lifts Car and Drops It

Two frightened teenagers, upon arriving at their home in New Hampshire quickly informed their parents that their car had been lifted up by a mysterious floating object and carried 180 feet before being dropped back on the ground.  The couple was clearly shaken, and called the police immediately afterward.

Steve Firmani, the MUFON New England State Director was assigned to the case shortly after the young couple reported the incident.  Authorities filed a report, but no other unusual sightings were reported in the area.  Mr. Firmani has reported that the innitial steps of the investigation had been completed, but that there was more to be done to confirm or refute the couple’s claim.

Their story begins as they were in a parked car in an abandoned parking lot when suddenly the boyfriend noticed a strange object in the sky.  It was black and floating, but certainly not a cloud.  The couple quickly decided that it was time to leave, and started their car, but realized soon that as the car was leaving, the front end of the car was being lifted up by an unseen force.  The object they had observed earlier was now much closer, and they could see the details on its surface as lights were hanging around the edges.  As they struggled to gain control of the car, they suddenly felt as though they were being bodily lifted along with the car itself.  “It felt as though we were in a roller-coaster or something,” one of the witnesses, an 18 year old girl claimed, “I remember grabbing onto the dash board because I wasn’t sure what was going on.”  As the car was lifted, it soon moved 180 feet toward the road before being dropped to the ground, causing both airbags to deploy.

The couple then drove home where they ran into the girl’s mother who told them to call the police.  Estimated damage to the car is somewhere in the neighborhood of $5,000, but all of it is to the undercarriage while the body remains entirely undamaged.  Such damage would be consistent with a vehicle falling a short distance.  But what would have caused such a strange and specific thing to happen?  Though it is sometimes depicted in film and television, actual accounts of saucer-shaped craft lifting cars up into the air is surprisingly rare.  And this incident bears several hallmarks of a close encounter, but there was no missing time and no memories of being brought aboard the craft.

Perhaps a red herring added to her report, and perhaps further evidence of their strange encounter, the girlfriend of the couple did report having a strange dream that night wherein she was incapable of speech as she was standing at the front of a classroom, but that all of the mysterious children in the class were speaking for her.  Though it isn’t directly related to the incident, it did seem mysterious enough to make a difference to those submitting the report and therefore could have been somehow significant.

As for the site where the incident took place, there were deep scars in the ground where the vehicle had been apparently dropped, and the markings were consistent with a vehicle dropping as by a crane or other means.

And the account given by the diver of the car also included telepathic messages telling him to “remain calm” as his arm was yanked out the window by an unseen hand.  Later as his arm was inspected it was found to have wounds consistent with what he described.  As he struggled to regain his hand, the car’s horn beeped twice and he was able to wrest it away.  They report that the car fell for a full two seconds before hitting the ground, and they sat for several minutes afterward trying to figure out what had happened.

What was the motivation for this incident?  Could it have been a strange encounter with an unknown alien visitor?  Or was it just an explanation given by a couple of kids who had accidentally wrecked their car?  The evidence suggests it was more than a simply wrecked car, but what was it?