Mysterious Crashed Object Reported in Russia

A mysterious object recovered from an isolated village in Siberia is sparking an investigation after it was gathered from the snows there.  The object, which weighs around half a ton is being described as a UFO fragment.  And as scientists at the Russian Space Agency scrutinize the strange object, they have drawn the conclusion that the expensive piece of equipment is likely not related to any known space technology.  So what is it?  And why is it made from some of the strongest alloys on the planet?

When it was first discovered around March 18th near Otradnesnky, villagers weren’t sure if it was an unidentified flying object that had crashed or something related to the recent difficulties the Russian Space Agency had with its Phobos Grunt project, which crashed back to Earth (although on the other side of the planet).  After hitching it to a large truck and dragging it back to their village, authorities were contacted and the object was taken away to be identified, still encased in a thin layer of ice.  Video taken of the object by local news media show authorities rocking the object with a single hand, suggesting it may be significantly lighter than initial reports suggest.  Given the size of the object, the fact that it appears and sounds hollow, and the suggestion that it may be at least partially made from titanium this appears to be a possibility.

An odd note about the object is the fact that it appears very similar in shape to the Kecksburg UFO that dropped in Kecksburg Pennsylvania in 1965.  Witnesses there described the object as having a shape similar to a beehive or a bell when they first spotted it before the object was gathered up by the military and never heard from again by any official sources.  The mystery has remained in the public eye ever since as a second Roswell-like incident.

While scientists at NASA contend that the object is likely not involved in space travel, there is a great deal of mystery surrounding just how it appeared in the middle of the woods in the Siberian wilderness.  Siberia has been a place of mystery for years with paranormal phenomena ranging there from allegations of alien sightings to UFO footage, footage of mysterious flying people, and an incident in 1959 that resulted in the deaths of nine skiers.  Legends throughout the area have supported the claim that despite its relatively low population, the region is a UFO hotspot and has been for decades.  Siberia is also the site of the mysterious and world famous Tunguska event.

So what is this mysterious object?  Speculation, as with so many cases like this abounds.  Theories of what it could be include the wreckage from an unidentified flying spy vehicle, remnants of some sort of discarded military equipment, part of a satellite (though both Roscosmos and NASA agree that this isn’t the case) and an unidentified piece of industrial equipment clandestinely discarded where it was thought it would never be found.