Mysterious Entity Reported Watching Witness from UFO

A mysterious sighting from 1980 that witnesses recently submitted to the Mutual UFO Network brought us back to a strange event in one witness’ life.  As the witness described the events, it’s clear that throughout the entire event they were not afraid at all, though they understood they were clearly seeing something incredibly unusual.  The report states that during the course of that night, they not only witnessed an extraterrestrial craft, but through one of the windows on the ship, these witnesses actually saw the craft’s occupant as well.

Reports of extraterrestrial craft have always been relatively common, but recently there has been a major influx of remembered reports from witnesses who not only see the craft themselves, but also the occupants within.  And while the descriptions of the witnesses seem to change somewhat from decade to decade, there are several themes that seem to run constantly throughout.  The most common description is of a short pale white or grey entity with large black eyes, a small or no nose, and a tiny lipless mouth.  But often, where the descriptions diverge from where they began is where the witnesses spot alien limbs which can vary from proportionally the size of a human body on a comparable scale to extremely thin and long.  Another common feature are the fingers, which are said to be incredibly long and thin.

The event described by the witness to the Mutual UFO Network took place in 1980 as they were nearing Lake Village in the witness’ 1970 Impala.  As they pulled over to the side of the road for a quick break, a strange object suddenly appeared in the sky and started darting out in front of them.  The object was roughly triangular in shape and had a peculiar glow to it emanating from different points distributed around the craft.  As the witness attempted to get the car to start once again to drive either toward or away from the craft, they realized it was not going to start again.  Instead they were held as a captive audience to the strange object that suddenly veered over their vehicle.  And the most shocking moment for them that suggested an intelligent but unknown controller to the vehicle was when the object suddenly turned off all of its lights and a creature could be seen in the cockpit.  The craft itself had several long tube-like apparatuses coming off of it of unknown purpose.  And as the witnesses watched, they could see an entity within the craft looking down at them from above as it made its approach.  Time passed, and gradually the object drifted directly over their vehicle.  No missing time was reported.

What the witness did report, however, was that the object and the creature visible didn’t appear to be of terrestrial origin.  It was unknown just where the object came from, but it had a distinctly alien appearance to it.  And through the window at the front of the craft, the witness wasn’t sure what the pilot of such a vehicle was doing above them if not putting on some sort of light show.  The witness described the machinery under the craft, which could be seen moving, as breathtaking.  Shortly after it appeared, the object suddenly disappeared just as mysteriously.