Mysterious Rectangular Craft Returns

The strange object reported earlier this month and again just two days ago roaming around California has now reportedly moved East to the area between Meridian and Nampa in Idaho.  The object has caught little attention in mainstream paranormal circles, but a few investigators are taking notice of the mysterious and prolific object as it makes appearances periodically around the United States.

It all began when two sets of witnesses reported a mysterious rectangular object as they were traveling along major highways in California.  The first sighting occurred almost a month ago while a more recent one happened just south of the first and in the past few days.  As dozens of reports come through the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) every day, these two among many went largely unnoticed, but the most interesting aspect of the close encounters was the similarity of the object, which is very unconventional when compared to other UFO sightings.  Normally anomalous aerial craft are described as lights in the sky, saucer-shaped, cigar-shaped, or triangular.  The appearance of a rectangular UFO is strange even in a strange area of study.  And it only gets stranger when the odd angular craft is reported several times over several days
in different areas of the United States.

It all began when one witness, whose name is withheld to protect their privacy was driving in Idaho on Interstate 84 going toward Nampa.  The witness described the object as having a long rectangular shape and no wings.  Unlike other appearances, this object was actually following a passenger plane before the plane turned in midair away from its previous trajectory.  The witness describes herself as a skeptic of the UFO phenomenon, but says the object she watched slowly moving across the sky for five minutes was simply beyond her current understanding of what an aircraft can do.  She also notes that though she heard the jet engine, she did not hear a second sound coming from this object.
So what is this mysterious craft that has been spotted by several witnesses near the West Coast?  It doesn’t seem to be anything like the typical glowing sphere or saucer-shape.  Instead, it bears a strikingly unique shape.  The behavior described in the craft’s movements, however, are interestingly similar to the Delta or triangular craft that has made regular appearances since the early 1980’s.  Since it is apparently capable of achieving incredible speeds and is only seen by itself, it will be difficult to determine if this object is working alone or if it is simply a new “model” of flying saucer that we will be seeing quite a bit of in the future.

The similarity of the rectangular disc’s movements to the Delta or Triangular shaped craft (variable speeds, but no “dancing.”) suggests that the craft may have come from a similar source.  Since there are reports that the Delta craft may actually be a combination of military blimp and jet it is possible that this new object may be operating in test flights and could possibly be of terrestrial origin.  It’s difficult to try to come up with an explanation for a craft of this nature because of its obviously artificial shape without suggesting that it’s either “one of ours” or “one of theirs.”  Who “they” may be is a topic of pure conjecture.