Mysterious UFOs Before Earthquakes

With Earthquakes making headlines more often than ever, some are turning to alternative sources for prediction information and explanations as we often do in times of crisis.  And no source of alternative information is greater in our conscious minds than the unexplained.  And so it’s no surprise that after the Japan 8.9/9,0 Earthquake this morning has many people turning to the phenomenon of Earthquake lights looking for answers.  Are these mysterious aerial displays that take place just prior to a seismic event truly paranormal?  And could they be one day harnessed to save lives and prepare cities for an upcoming disaster?  And were they spotted before the Japan 2011 Earthquake?

At least one witness has come forward with a youtube video making just that claim.  Saying he spotted a strange series of lights on the horizon just prior to the Earthquake while traveling in Japan, this may prove to be the latest case of a bizarre phenomenon known to those in the paranormal research field as “Earthquake Lights.”  And these Earthquake lights are nothing short of extraordinary to look at, though often they prove to look quite different from case to case.  They are also often categorized with other UFO phenomena despite looking entirely unique from the strange metallic craft so often spotted in the skies during non-seismic events.  Could they be related?  Or are these lights truly a different phenomenon?

One theory of these strange EQL’s as they have been dubbed, is that they’re actually a reaction from the seismic energy in the Earth as it erupts into the air around an affected area.  Often appearing at a surprisingly low height they sometimes appear on film as a rainbow of colors hovering roughly in a disc shape as witnesses look on unable to explain what they are seeing and filming.

Just prior to the devastating Chile Earthquake, witnesses allegedly shot film of a mysterious ring shape in the skies hovering over a residential neighborhood.  The witnesses later uploaded the event which has been described by skeptics as a cloud at sunset.

But not all of the examples can be dismissed so quickly.  Perhaps the most interesting and often investigated incident related to Earthquake lights took place just 30 minutes prior to a major Earthquake in China in 2008.  In the video later uploaded to Youtube witnesses can be heard excitedly talking about the strange phenomenon and voicing their inability to explain what is unfolding before their eyes.  It appears to the casual viewer to be like a rainbow someone has twisted into a peculiar shape in the sky.  Of course this is largely impossible.  Less than an hour later China found itself in the midst of a great seismic catastrophe.

So is this phenomenon related to Earthquakes or has the link been unwittingly made by researchers who wish to find a reliable way to predict these devastating incidents and save lives?  With future research, perhaps we can find the answer.  Unfortunately, Earthquakes are notoriously difficult to predict making a catch-22 type situation for those wanting to uncover this unexplainable phenomenon.