Mysterious Video of an Alien Surfaces

Another video -this one allegedly coming from Russia- has been making waves since it first came across the popular video sharing site Youtube through the Alien Disclosure Group.  The video reportedly shows an alien grey from the torso up as it swings around and stares directly into the camera before turning and starting to walk away.  But is this film real, or -as has unfortunately been the case so often with this incredible type of evidence- simply another anonymous hoax?

The footage itself is chilling to say the least.  But is it genuine?  The first few frames of the film immediately raise red flags.  Though it seems to be taking place in the middle of the woods, if you look in the bottom left hand corner of the screen it actually looks like someone is holding a camera in front of a television or computer screen.  The high quality of LCD and LED screens now makes it possible for people to manually “blur” film to make it look more washed out without actually editing the film itself.  And so the end result looks less fake and more naturally blurred.  But often mistakes are made in these cases.  The lower left hand corner of the frame shows the edge of a box like someone is shooting through a window.  But the fact that the footage takes place in the middle of the woods all but confirms the fact that this took place likely in an office or computer room with the witness filming their own computer screen.

But could they simply be making a reproduction of footage that was found on another computer screen?  It is possible, but as we take a look at the footage further it isn’t the alien itself, but rather the objects that pass in front of it that appear to betray some CG trickery.  A branch that passes in front of the creature plainly in sight appears in perfect focus while the creature itself is blurred and grey.  It passes seamlessly across the image, but something about it doesn’t seem right.  If you look closely it flattens as the camera moves from side to side ever so slightly just before passing out of sight and in perfect unison with the alien with no consideration of distance.  If there was any doubt this was CG before this immediately removes all doubt.  Look closely at the branch as the film progresses and you’ll be able to see this in action.

Then there’s the final point.  Though the alien appears to have been formed flawlessly (or at least as flawlessly as we can tell from the overly bright film) it then blinks halfway through.  CG on sudden movements like blinking are always far easier to tell.  Additionally there’s the fact that many UFO abductees over the years have stated that the Greys do not blink.  Of course if this is one of the same greys, then it’s likely this is not the holy grail of footage reporting a close encounter of the third kind.  And if that’s the case, then we’ve definitely got a hoax on our hands.

The Alien Disclosure Group, which originally brought the footage to Youtube of course also did their own independent investigation and confirmed that the footage was indeed a hoax.  Since there has been an influx of faked alien and UFO videos of late spreading across the Internet like wildfire, groups such as the ADG have their hands full trying to separate the genuine from the hoaxed.