Mysterious Video Shows Glowing “Dragons” Flying Over City

A mysterious video uploaded to Youtube is still not receiving much attention and is leaving more questions than answers almost a year after it was shot.  The video shows what appears to be two distinct worm-like forms glowing and floating in the clouds.  While we can’t say exactly what they are, a few viewers have compared them to dragons.

This mysterious footage which appears to show two massive glowing eels swarming around in the clouds was first uploaded last year and somehow strangely never made it into the mainstream of the paranormal news circuit.  Nonetheless, looking at it now this appears to be one of the stranger videos ever seen from China.  But what could these mysterious shapes be?

At first they look like simple clouds floating about, possibly the result of some irregular wind activity happening in the skies above a crowded urban street.  But when they start swirling around each other and actually glowing, you can clearly see the shapes of something mysterious.  They actually look, to even trained eyes, to be dragons floating up just inside the clouds.  If the footage is CG, it’s some of the best CG ever spotted, even for a film studio – and if it’s real, then what is it?

There are several theories, but unfortunately each one has is fantastic in one way or another.  First, there’s the possibility that this cameraman was looking up and saw the northern lights or the much more mysterious earthquake lights that had somehow drifted to a rare new location just above an undisclosed city in China.

Then there’s the possibility that this might be a wind phenomenon.  But as you can see clearly, the clouds around the moving objects are often undisturbed and they seem to retain a roughly eel-like shape throughout the entire video.  On the ground you can hear excited voices talking nearby, suggesting this is something unusual for them to be seeing.

China is often blamed for not allowing communication between the east and west as openly as it could be, and newspapers and media reports are no exception.  The Great Firewall blocks out many social networking sites such as youtube and facebook as part of the information monitoring and control program set up.  But in addition to the Great Firewall, there are other problems facing anyone in China attempting to get a paranormal story out.  In addition to a language barrier, and a lack of translators, there is a divide in the stories we hear from China that is less well defined.  Late in 2010 we heard rumors that an entire city had vanished before it turned out to be a mistranslation giving rise to a rumor.  But this video by itself seems a bit more concrete.  And what we’re looking at in the skies over China seems more mysterious than ever.