Mystery Light Formations Calm Dog, Frighten Man

Reproduction of EventA witness from Springfield Illinois has reported an event to the Mutual UFO Network that seems reminiscent of a strange psychological experiment from the Soviet Union mixed with a modern day UFO report.  The witnessing of five unidentified hovering triangles above his property may have been enough to consider this case strange, but the way the craft seemed to affect his own dog Jake makes the case even stranger.

It all started about two weeks ago when the witness’ dog Jake began acting strangely in the midst of even the most calm of situations.  The report suggests that Jake suddenly developed a distinct fear of the dark, and would howl and cry in the night until his owner would pet him and reassure him everything was okay.  The bizarre behavior stayed with Jake until the night of November the 20th, when both he and his owner went outside at approximately five in the morning.  Taking the dog out even at five in the morning was not usually an event to remember, but as their walk began the witness suddenly got the compulsion to look up directly above them.

There hovering in the sky lay five silent triangular shapes flying in formation in the sky in a straight line.  As he watched the triangular craft slowly moving across the sky, suddenly one of them broke from the formation and hovered directly beneath the rest.  After a few seconds the craft all vanished from the sky, prompting the witness to think the words, “Wait, come back.”  At this point the objects suddenly reappeared as though prompted by his thoughts.  As soon as they returned, the witness became terrified and grabbed his dog attempting to get it back in the house.  Jake was not interested, instead staring at the objects intently as though the witness weren’t the only one having an exchange with the mysterious shapes.

Eventually he did, however, manage to get both himself and the dog safely inside.  What happened next, however, is almost as strange as the events with the craft themselves.  Suddenly, Jake behaved as though nothing were out of the ordinary in the dark.  He calmly walked into a dark room and fell asleep almost immediately.  The dog then continued to sleep throughout the day the next day as though it were catching up on lost sleep with all the nights before when he had howled at the darkness in his room.

It’s always interesting to listen to the side notes that witnesses present along with the reports of their strange experiences.  This witness had an insightful look at the politeness of calling out to an alien entity, and then abandoning it just as quickly.  He hoped whoever was reacting to his thoughts didn’t think him rude for so suddenly calling out with his thoughts and then just as quickly and abruptly leaving the scene when the situation proved too real for him.  It brings up the question of how these craft, if they truly do interact with people and read their thoughts, perceive the witnesses who occasionally call out to them.  Is there an understanding that protocol between humans and aliens will often result in the human witnesses losing their confidence at the last minute and backing away?